SUNNY’S LOVE…From Rebel Ink Press

  Welcome back! InRebel Ink Press just a few more days, Sunny’s Love will be released by Rebel Ink Press..

I’ve been told some of my readers are anxiously awaiting the release of this story, so I’ve decided to treat you to a little excerpt this weekend to whet your appetite even more…

My characters, Sunny and Chase, are not quite a couple you’d think would have anything in common. He’s eleven years her senior, widowed, with two small children, and owns a large, successful restaurant chain. Oh, and did I mention, he’s HOT?? And Sunny, well…she’s been betrayed and hurt in the past by her only boyfriend…lost her father… and soon will find herself out of work…

And then one day…Sunny meets Chase…and his adorable, motherless cherubs…the journey has begun…and did I mention Chase is HOT??

One of my readers told me she saw a commercial on television that reminded her of this book cover…and it’s a gorgeous cover, created by none other than Carl Franklin, at Rebel. I have to say, the couple on the cover depict my image of Chase and Sunny almost perfectly…and by the way, did I mention Chase is HOT??

Here’s the Blurb:

Sunny Drake has had a few bad years.  First she lost her beloved father. Then her long time boyfriend married someone else.  Now the doctor she works for is retiring. When Sunny meets widowed, restaurant mogul Chase Dupont, who is suddenly in need of a nanny, she agrees to take the job, never dreaming the journey it will lead her on.

 To save his business from being taken over by another company, Chase asks Sunny to marry him. It will be a marriage of convenience but it will be for life. She agrees since she’s already in love with him. But can she make him love her, too?

 When Sunny suffers a fall and lies unconscious for days, Chase realizes all he’s ever wanted is Sunny’s Love. But a mystery begins to unravel as they realize Sunny’s fall wasn’t an accident. Someone is trying to murder her. Will Sunny and Chase get the chance to admit their true feelings to each other?  Or is it too late?

How about an excerpt??

 “Have you ever thought about becoming a nanny?” He watched her face, gauging her reaction.

The question caught her off guard. She hesitated for just a moment. “No, I’ve never thought about it.”

“Why don’t you think about it, Sunny? I can make arrangements for the next month, until Dr. Rose retires. The job is yours if you want it. We can discuss salary and benefits later. I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. I take care of my employees. Your schedule will be flexible, to a certain extent. I like to arrange my schedule so I can spend time with Ali and Brice. You’d be free during those times.”

 Sunny was literally in shock. She didn’t know what to say.

 “Think about it, that’s all I ask,” he urged.

 “I don’t have to think about it. I accept.” She wasn’t one to make spur of the moment decisions, but this had just fallen into her lap, and was too tempting to resist.

“That’s wonderful, Sunny! You’ve just helped me escape a gruesome task of interviewing potential nannies. Besides, the kids both like you already. I’ve seen firsthand how you were with Brice, at Dr. Rose’s office, and earlier I watched your interaction with Ali. And I have to say I was impressed both times.”

“And I like both of them, as well. They seem to be very sweet, well-behaved children.” Not to mention their daddy is hot, she thought.

 “I have to warn you, even though they are both very well-behaved kids, they’ve had a tough time getting over the sudden loss of their mother,” he said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

“That’s understandable. I’m an adult, and I still have a hard time dealing with the loss of my father, at times.”

“How long has he been gone?”

 “A little over a year now,” she replied.

 “I’m sorry, Sunny.”

 “Thank you. Dr. Rose and his wife have been especially kind to both my mother and me, through it all.”

“We’ll be leaving for our summer home at the beach, just about the time you finish your work with Dr. Rose,” Chase informed her.

 “Really?” she asked. How lucky can I get? I’ve been offered a dream job and a summer at the beach.

“I’ll get back to you with the details, if you’ll give me a number to reach you.”

“I’ll give you my cell number. If I don’t answer, just leave a message and I’ll be sure to call you back.”

 “Great! This could be the start of a beautiful relationship, Sunny.”

 If only he didn’t mean the relationship between an employer and his employee! I would have loved to have pursued another type of relationship with this fascinating man, but apparently that isn’t in the cards.

After they’d had dessert and coffee, he suggested they tell the children the news. But when they entered the bedroom, both children were sound asleep. They were two tiny motherless cherubs; sound asleep with their arms around each other.

 “I’ll move Ali to her bed.” Chase picked up his daughter. He tucked her into her bed, kissing her goodnight, before walking over to the other bed. He gently tucked his son in, giving him a kiss on the forehead. He took the DS from Brice’s hand and set it on the nightstand. PIcking up the remote, he turned off the television, placing it on the nightstand as well. As they walked out of the room, he flipped the light switch, but not before placing a tiny nightlight into a wall socket, leaving a soft glow of light in the room.

“The big news will have to wait till morning,” he said as they tiptoed out of the room.

 “I’d better be going. I have to work in the morning.”

 “Sunny….thank you, I’ll be in touch.” He gently touched her cheek as if he wanted to say more, but stopped himself.

 Her breath caught in her throat. It was almost as if he had wanted to kiss her goodnight.

 She picked up her purse, quickly told him goodnight and quietly let herself out.

All the way home, she thought about the way he’d said goodnight. Did he want to kiss me or was it my imagination? I wouldn’t have fought it if he had. Maybe I shouldn’t have accepted the job as nanny to his children. It might prove to be dangerous to my heart. And then again, maybe it will prove to be much more. She went to bed that night full of anticipation of the summer that lay ahead for her, with the Dupont family.


 Sunny’s Love will be available on Amazon, B&N, ARe, and Bookstrand.  Check back next week for more exciting news in Anna’s World. You never know what’s going to be happening…

Oh…yeah…did I mention that Sunny thinks Chase is very HOT???


Welcome Rebel Author, Jane Wakely

Rebel Ink Press

Welcome back to another week in Anna’s world. Today my very special guest is fellow Rebel author, Jane Wakely. She’s here to tell us all about her new release.

 I’ve asked Jane a few questions, so before we get to the good stuff, let’s see what she has to say.


Anna: What inspired you to choose your genre (genres)?

 Jane: If it’s romance, I’ll read it! I will read any romance genre if the book sounds good, but my favorites are paranormal shifters and vamps! Not surprisingly, most of my ideas start with a hot shifter or vamp! 🙂

Anna: We all have issues with balancing our time between writing, editing, promoting, along with other obligations and personal time. What works best for you?

 Jane: Even though it doesn’t support me right now, I’m lucky enough to be able to write full-time and I’m most productive when I follow a “work” schedule. I try to get in all of what I call “admin (email/social) stuff” done before nine, then write from 9-2. Family stuff comes next, but I usually fit in another hour or two of admin stuff later on in the day. I try not to work on weekends, but I usually end up doing some blog stuff for an hour or two on both Saturday and Sunday. If I keep the schedule, I can see great results!

Anna: Tell us about your characters. What type of hero do you normally choose? What type of heroine?

 Jane: I usually chose tall, muscular, alpha types with a weakness for their heroines. My heroines are strong women who have usually been faced with some obstacle to shake their internal confidence.

Anna: Who are some of your favorite authors? Did they inspire you to write?

 Jane: I love a good paranormal/shifter romance and I’ve read quite a few. My favorites are the worlds created my Cynthia Eden and Dana Marie Bell. They inspire me to write a story that my readers love as much as I love their books!

Anna: Give us a little dirt about yourself. What’s your favorite guilty indulgence?

    Jane: Lately it’s been ice cream! My family loves ice cream, so we have to limit the   good (real) stuff to once or twice a month! Haagen Dazs Banana Split is my usual choice!

Anna: Now, Jane, tell us about your newest book.

Title: Jenn’s Wolf


Jenn is used to being overlooked by men. She’s short, slim, shy and her past keeps her guarded against others—especially men. It also gets her labeled as having a “good personality.” When she sees Matt for the first time, she realizes he’s the first man she’s willing to take a chance on.


Matt is a wolf shifter worried that he’ll never find his mate. Without a mate, a shifter’s life is incredibly drawn-out and lonely. Willing to try anything, he agrees to a blind date with Jenn and is stunned to find out she’s the one.


A misunderstanding interrupts their first night together and leaves them both miserable. After determining she may have overreacted, Jenn apologizes and they agree to start over. When Matt tells her about his wolf, she has to decide whether to trust her heart or run from the only man she’s ever wanted.


Jennifer and Christina had been college roommates their senior year and became fast friends. They relocated to Chestnut Rock together and now shared a small, affordable apartment. That had been two years ago.


Jennifer was happy she had Christina in her life. Her best friend kept her from locking herself away and hiding from the world. Christina taught her that people sometimes drink in social situations, but they didn’t always get drunk or make a scene. Though she still had qualms, Jennifer could now have a good time in situations where friends may have a drink or two.


Christina had wanted to go what she called “man shopping,” which basically meant “go to the bar and look at hot guys!” Jennifer agreed to come along.


While Christina had no trouble finding dates, Jennifer was a bit more challenged. The two friends were as different as night and day. Christina was tall and blond with blue eyes and a bubbly personality. Jennifer was short with brown hair and brown eyes. She was reserved which most people took as timid and sometimes rude or snobby. It was hard for her to meet people and without Christina’s help, she might have ended up friendless and alone for the rest of her life. Luckily, that didn’t happen and her friend even convinced her to go on a blind date set up by one of her co-workers. The date was tomorrow night.


The group in the center roared with laughter again and the one with his back to her stepped to the right and bent over to look at his friend’s phone. Jenn could see the group more clearly now and her gaze stopped on the tall piece of awesome standing closest to the bar. If they were truly “man shopping,” she’d buy him and take him home.



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Find Jane:





Thank you, Anna, for hosting me today!

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Good luck and thanks for visiting! 🙂

Thanks, everyone for joining Jane and me today. My interview with Ana Vitsky has been postponed to a later date, so I’ll be sure and let you know when she’ll be visiting.


In the meantime, check back next week when I’ll be talking about my next Rebel release, Sunny’s Love. Until then, have a great week and keep reading!!!


Love, Anna 🙂Jenn's Wolf Cover

Meet Helen Ogrodnick, Rebel Ink Press author

Jami's Dilemma

Welcome back to Anna’s world. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a friend, and fellow Rebel author, Helen Ogrodnick. Helen’s debut romance novel will be released on March 17, just two days after her 78th birthday. That’s right, Helen is 78 years old. I’ve had several conversations with this remarkable lady and can’t begin to tell you how amazing she is. When I asked her about her writing she told me she writes to keep her mind sharp. A wife, mother of six, grandmother, and great-grandmother, I’d say she probably has a lot of stories waiting to be written, wouldn’t you? In fact she’s shared a few hilarious things with me that have happened to her over the years so I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t another book or two waiting in the wings somewhere…

Helen hails from the Lone Star state, one of my favorite places in the country. 🙂 She grew up in Amherst, Texas and still has family there. These days, she makes her home  in Warrior Run, Pennsylvania with her husband of fifty-seven years, Walter. In fact, Helen will be featured in The Weekender, a weekly newspaper in the Wilkes-Barre area next week. I asked her today if she is getting excited about her book release and she said, “Yes, very!” I think we can all relate to that feeling, can’t we?

How would you like a sample of Helen’s novel?  This is Jami’s Dilemma…enjoy

Jami Peterson was born the daughter of a very wealthy peach farmer and raised by a housekeeper given her mother died in childbirth. Never allowed to have friends, Jami’s dad reasoned the only cause anyone would have to get near his daughter was his money. As a result, Jami was very lonely and felt that her life had no meaning.

Invited on a business trip with her father, Jami took a walk around the hotel where they were staying. When she passed a construction site, one of the construction workers, Leland, whistled at her. A new experience for Jami, she stopped and talked with him. Later that evening they met and shared a soda, decided to become pen pals given Jami would soon be leaving.

Jami kept her newfound friend a secret from her father. And while the letters between Jami and Leland grew more passionate over time, her life at home was becoming more and more unbearable.  So on her eighteenth birthday, Jami left home—without her father’s permission—and straight into the arms of a man who held a lifetime of promise.  Will Jami find love and discover her happily ever after?

Jami’s Dilemma will be available March 17 on Amazon, B&N, ARe, and Bookstrand

You can find Helen on Facebook and Twitter (@momogrod) and she has a blog:

Best of luck to you, Helen!!! Release day is one of the most exciting things for a new author…enjoy your day.

I’ll have Anastasia Vitsky dropping by on the 21st to tell us about her newest release so stop by to see what she has to say. Knowing Ana, it will be outrageous. And on the 25th, Jane Wakely will be here.

See you next time, have a great week.

Love, Anna 🙂

Rebel Ink Press

It’s Almost Here!! Book Two in the Fab Five series!

the road to her heart cover

Welcome back to Anna’s crazy world! The second book in my Fab Five series is almost here. LazyDay Publishing will release The Road to Her Heart on March 20, 2013! For all of you who read the one that started it all, Crossroad to Love, you’ll be happy to know the second story begins right where the first one left off. I know many of you have told me you’ve fallen in love with the Fab Five and can’t wait to follow their lives. I’ll warn you…drama and romance follow them where ever they go.

Crossroad to Love has gotten several 5 star and 4 star reviews on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads. It earned Silver Star status on ARe within four days of release. I’ve been told guys are reading it…and liking it. In fact, guys and gals of all ages are reading it. I’ve been told by people who rarely read romance that they were pleasantly surprised to find they enjoyed it and they are looking forward to the rest of the series.

If you haven’t read it yet, there’s still time to get caught up in the drama before March 20th. Crossroad to Love is available on Amazon, B&N, and ARe as well as, in fact, the buy links are listed on my “Buy Links” page on this blog. All you have to do is copy and paste the link of your choice into your browser and it should take you right to the book.

Without further ado, here’s a glimpse of The Road to Her Heart.


The ‘Fab Five’ are back, but this time, it’s Lizzie’s daughter who is causing all the drama.

Cara Hart is getting married. But there’s a slight problem with the upcoming nuptials. Cara is in love with two men. She loves her fiancé, Caleb, but can’t get over Nick, the one who broke her heart. To make things even more complicated, Caleb and Nick are best friends. Deciding not to waste her life pining for what might have been, Cara goes ahead with the wedding to Caleb. Determined to make the marriage work, she hides her feelings for Nick in the deepest corner of her heart, and moves forward. Finding love and contentment in Caleb’s arms, Cara is certain she has made the right decision. The newlyweds settle into married life, planning to start a family right away. But days after learning she is pregnant, Caleb is killed in a plane crash, leaving a devastated widow behind.


Nick steps up to the plate, comforting Cara during her grief, even asking her to marry him. He offers to help her raise Caleb’s baby. Angry, Cara declines Nick’s offer, believing it to be a pity proposal.


Is she right? Did Nick propose because he felt it was his duty to take care of his dead friend’s wife and child? Or, is it possible that Nick wants a second chance, with the girl he once loved and left? As he travels the road to her heart, will Nick be able to convince Cara to open it and let him back in? 


Chapter One

Katy rolled over and saw the man lying next to her. She looked around the room, spying the trail of clothes on the floor leading from the door to the bed. She smiled, remembering. Am I dreaming again, or did last night really happen? Katy pinched herself, realizing this was no fantasy. Ryan was here, in her bed, in her apartment. Last night really happened… finally.

Katy Barron thought back to the past eight months. She had met Ryan O’Grady last fall, while on a vacation in Dallas, with her three best friends, Angie, Marianne, and Lizzie. The four had been friends since childhood, but had all scattered to different states over the years. The trip had been planned as a reunion and could not have come at a better time. Each of the four women had found herself at a crossroad, needing to make a decision that would affect the rest of her life.

Angie had recently come face-to-face with the man she had divorced fifteen years earlier. He had shown up the day before the trip, the architect assigned to work with her on a renovation project she was spearheading for the QuadCity casino-hotel resort she worked in. She had never gotten over him, but a secret she’d kept had threatened to keep them apart forever. When Angie told Michael the real reason she had set him free was so that he could have a family with someone else, it had looked like they were over for good.  Years ago, she had miscarried while he was out of town, and having been told by the doctor that she would never carry a child to term, she had decided not to tell him, divorcing him, instead. The reason she had given him at the time, was that she wanted to pursue her career. Marriage, and a family, did not fit her plans. Luckily, he was able to forgive her and they were reconciled now.

Lizzie had been suffering from empty nest syndrome. She thought she wanted to work in her husband, Rex’s, ad agency in Columbus, Ohio. She did not know how to broach the subject, when a solution landed in her lap. During that fateful trip to Texas, she had met Chloe O’Grady, co-owner of a restaurant, who needed a new ad campaign. Lizzie had offered to come up with some slogans and had landed the account.

Marianne had believed her husband, handsome Dallas surgeon, Jon Jacobi, was having an affair. She was using the week away from him to decide what to do about it, when it all had come to a head, halfway through the vacation. Jon had shown up at the hotel where she and her friends were staying, followed by the supposed mistress. During the heated arguments that followed, it was discovered that Jon had never betrayed his wife. He was being stalked by the young lady in question.

All of Katy’s friends had gone home from the trip with a happy ending and a bright future, except Katy. She had met, and fallen head over heels for, playboy Ryan O’Grady. She had also secured his restaurant, as a client, for her new interior design business. The job had later led to a permanent position with O’Grady Enterprises, with Katy relocating from Chicago to Dallas. But one night, after professing their mutual feelings for one other, Ryan and Katy discovered that they had a connection from the past. Ryan’s wife and her lover had been in the car that had hit Katy’s husband and little girl head on, killing all four of them. Ryan felt they could never have a relationship after that. Katy had spent the past eight months working with him, and trying to put her feelings for him to rest.

Last night, after the restaurant closed, they had both been working late. Ryan had finally admitted that he still loved her. And he had asked her to marry him. They had made love for the first time, in the private dining room of the restaurant. Afterward, he had come home with her, where they had spent the better part of the night making up for lost time.

“Well, hello there.” Ryan was awake now.

“I just pinched myself, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming,” Katy replied with a smile.

“If you are, then I’m having the same dream and I don’t want to wake up.” He pulled her to him, kissing her, to prove that he was real, this time, and not a dream.

“I love you,” she said, gazing into his brown eyes. The gold fleck in each of his eyes sparkled.

“And I love you, my yellow rose. But right now, I need to make a call.” Putting his finger to his lips, indicating he wished her to stay quiet, he picked up his cell and dialed.

“Hello, Shane. I’m not going to be in today. I have some personal things to take care of… Yes, that’s right. And by the way, Katy won’t be at work today, either. She worked pretty late last night, so I gave her day off… Gotta go, Bro. Bye.”

Katy stifled a giggle. “What did he say?” Shane was Ryan’s younger brother. Ryan, Shane, and Shane’s wife, Chloe, co-owned a restaurant named Chloe’s Place. They recently had expanded the original restaurant. They were in the process of building a corporate office, as well as several chain restaurants, across the country. Shane handled the finances, Chloe was in charge of menus and chefs, and Ryan was handling the openings of the new restaurants. Katy was their decorator.

“He said okay, and I said goodbye before he had a chance to ask any questions. We’ll surprise them with the news, later, but first we need to go shopping.” He lifted her left hand, adding, “I want the whole world to know you’re mine, so we’re buying a ring today.”

“I only need you. I don’t have to have an engagement ring.”

“But you’re getting me and a ring, so don’t complain.” He laughed as the gold flecks in his beautiful brown eyes flickered once more.

“Okay, Boss, whatever you say.”

“You’ll find that being Mrs. Ryan O’Grady comes with a few privileges.”

“There’s only one privilege I’m interested in. I think you know what that is, after last night.”

“Don’t tempt me, baby, or we’ll never get out of this bed today. You get in the shower, while I make breakfast. Now scoot.” He pretended to push her out of bed, as she forced herself to get up.

A short while later, when Katy walked into the dining room of her Frisco, Texas apartment, breakfast was already on the table. Ryan had prepared ham and cheese omelets and toast. He was pouring coffee into mugs as she sat down.

 “I could get used to this real fast.”

“Well, I do own a restaurant, you know,” he teased. “And I intend to pamper you, my yellow rose. I’ve wasted too much time, holding you at arm’s length.”

He had given her the nickname of his yellow rose because that is what she had reminded him of, the day they’d met. She had walked into the restaurant for a meeting, wearing a pale yellow dress. That had been the day she had bowled him over, with her decorating ideas, and her charm.

As they dove into the scrumptious omelets he had prepared, they discussed how they would tell their families and friends, about their engagement and upcoming marriage. They came up with a plan and finished their meal. She made phone calls, while he loaded the dishwasher.

Katy called her son, Alex, first, and then her parents. They were all, of course, elated for her.

Next, she dialed the number of her friend, Lizzie, in Ohio. As she waited for Lizzie to answer, she blew a kiss to Ryan. Damn, he looks good, working in my kitchen.

“Hello.” Lizzie’s voice came on the line.

“Lizzie, it’s Katy. How are you?”

“I’m fine, just going crazy helping Cara with this wedding of hers.” Lizzie laughed. Her only daughter was getting married soon, a source of concern, as she was marrying a virtual stranger, and not the boy everyone had expected her to spend her life with.

“How’s that situation going?”

“We’re going to meet his parents this weekend. I guess we’re just going to have to accept the fact, once and for all, that Nick isn’t going to be our son-in-law.” Lizzie and Rex had both been disappointed that their daughter was not marrying her long time boyfriend, Nick. Instead, she was planning a wedding with his college roommate and good friend, Caleb Walters.

“I’m so sorry this has been so confusing for you. But I have some news that may cheer you up.”

“What’s that?”

“Ryan and I got engaged, last night.” Katy waited for the scream and was not disappointed.

“Finally, I had begun to think it wasn’t going to happen. How did it all take place?”

Katy gave her a quick description of the proposal, adding, “Mum’s the word, if you talk to Mari. We’re going to tell her at dinner.”

“Okay. I wish I could be there.”

“I do, too. I have to go now, I need to call Angie. Give my love to the family.”

“Okay, bye, Katy.”

Next, Katy called Angie, in Iowa. Her reaction was similar to Lizzie’s.

Now, it was time to call Marianne and Jon. Marianne answered on the third ring. “Hello.”

“Mari, hi, it’s Katy. I was wondering if you and Jon could join me for dinner, at the restaurant tonight.”

“Let me check with Jon, he hasn’t left for the hospital yet.” She came back on the phone and said, “We can be there about seven-thirty. Will that work for you?”

“That’s perfect. I’ll see you both then. I have to run now.”

As Marianne hung up the phone, she said to her husband, “I wonder what that was all about.”

“Katy probably needs some friend time. It has to be hard for her to work with Ryan, every day, with nothing happening in the romance department. She really has it bad for the guy. And he’s about as stupid as they come, for not latching on to her.”

“I agree, but you know, there’s a lot of baggage there. I thought when she moved out here, though, things might change.”

“Got to run, Babe, I’ll see you tonight.” Jon kissed Marianne goodbye, leaving her to the rest of her day.

That’s all I’m going to share with you for now…

Don’t forget to grab your copy of Crossroad to Love if you haven’t yet, so you can see how it all started.

On the 17th, I’ll be featuring fellow Rebel author, Helen Ogrodnick as she celebrates the release of her debut romance. 

And on the 21st, fellow LazyDay author, Anastasia Vitsky, will be stopping by to tell us about her new bestseller!

Fellow Rebel author, Jane Wakely, will be here on the 25th, so it’s a full month in Anna’s world and you won’t want to miss any of it.

I’ll also be sharing some teasers about my April release from Rebel Ink Press, Sunny’s Love.

Until then, happy reading and see you soon.

Love, Anna 🙂    

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Rebel Authors Cookbook, The Way to the Heart, coming April 17!!!!

CookBook_Cover200.300.jpg             Recently, twenty-six of Rebel Ink Press’s authors (including yours truly) got together and shared their favorite recipes and a little bit about themselves. The cookbook, The Way to the Heart, will be released in e-book and paperback on April 17, 2013. Read the blurb below to find out about this exciting event!

              Through the ages food has been seen as a way to commune with others, bringing fellowship to the table while nourishing the body. Food is key in celebration and in honoring. It’s also been commonly widespread everything from asparagus to honey to chocolate and oysters hold aphrodisiacal properties. But we at Rebel Ink Press believe not only is food nourishment for the body and fuel for romance, cooking is one of the sexiest and most nurturing things one can do for another.

                 It’s the way to the heart.

                 Rebel Ink Press presents The Way to the Heart, a collection of recipes from twenty-six Rebel writers, our charitable project for 2013. For every copy sold a charitable donation will be made to help nurture families and communities around the world through Heifer International.

Thank you for your purchase. By opening your heart, you’ll find the way to someone else’s.

Be sure and check it out! Even Anna cooks occasionally…

I’ll be back soon to share with you the cover art, blurbs, and teasers from my upcoming releases. I’ve also got a great line-up of interviews scheduled for the month of March. Stay tuned for info from Helen Ogrodnick, and Jane Wakely, fellow Rebel authors, and the unforgettable Anastasia Vitsky, who is a fellow LazyDay author. We’ll be talking about their upcoming releases. And I’m going to be interviewed on a great new blog by Tamara Hoffa and Beverly Ovalle on the 5th. So as you can see, life is still crazy in Anna’s world, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  🙂

Until next time, have a great week, and keep reading! Hope the weather where you are is not too bad.


Anna 🙂