Anna’s Getting Ready for Another New Release!

UnlikelyLovers_CoverHere we are again. Has another week gone by already? I’m still enjoying the release of my first book, CROSSROAD TO LOVE, from Lazy Day Publishing. The encouraging notes I’ve received from readers has been amazing. Men, as well as women, are telling me how much they like the story line and characters. I’m getting messages from people telling me that usually they aren’t romance readers, but really liked my story. I love it!! Thank you, everyone, for being so supportive of me in this new venture.

Next week, on February 3, Rebel Ink Press will release one of my romances that isn’t part of the series. This one is UNLIKELY LOVERS and I promised you the blurb and an excerpt, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Enjoy!


When Army Major Jessica Walsh meets local factory worker, Cody Jones, she finds herself staring straight into the eyes of the man who’s been haunting her dreams for the past few nights. Fresh from a breakup with her cheating ex, Jessica sets out to seduce the sexy brown-eyed man in the hopes of a brief rebound affair. Getting more than she bargained for, she falls in love with him, but has kept a secret about who she really is.


On the night she plans to tell him the truth, Cody plans to propose. But before either of those things can take place, they run into Jessica’s ex, who cruelly spills the beans. Angry and heartbroken, Cody ends the relationship, turning to a bottle for comfort. Jessica’s hurt, she accepts his decision. While they find they can’t stay away from each other, they can’t seem to work out their differences, either. Will the unlikely lovers be able to overcome the obstacles in their lives and find their happy ever after?


“And I’m Cody,” the sexy man with the brown wavy hair said, flashing a smile that sent shivers up and down Jessica’s spine. He extended his right hand.

She took it saying, “I’m Jessica and this is Missy, nice to meet you both.” The simple touch of his hand was enough to make her want to get closer to him, much closer. Her hand felt as though it had been scorched as she pulled it away.

“Thanks for the beer. You two ready to get beat by a couple of girls?” Missy looked at Andy, laughing.

“Bring it on,” he answered with a wink.

They bowled two games, girls winning one, and guys winning the other.

“How about a rematch to break the tie and the losers take the other team out for pizza afterward?” Cody challenged.

“You’re on. Right, Missy?” Jessica looked at her friend.

“Right, let’s show ‘em what we can do, girlfriend.”

To prove her point, Missy threw three strikes in a row.

“I think we’re in trouble, man.” Andy chuckled as he looked at Cody.

“We’ll see about that!” Cody threw the next strike as the four of them burst into uncontrollable laughter.

The girls won by two pins, much to their delight.

“We’ll let you off the hook and go Dutch since you came so close,” Jessica said as she changed out of the ugly shoes and back into her boots.

“Sounds like a deal,” Cody answered with a smile that set her pulse racing again. And then she knew. His eyes. There was something about them.

They decided where to meet and as Missy drove to the pizza parlor, Jessica turned to her and said, “Thanks for talking me into coming out tonight. I haven’t had this much fun in ages.”

“I haven’t either. But let’s not tell them too much about ourselves. Okay?”

“I agree.” The girls knew from experience some men were intimidated by a female officer.

“Aren’t they hunks, both of them?”

“Oh, yeah, especially Cody,” Jessica said dreamily.

“I prefer the blonde look, myself.” Missy giggled as she pulled into the parking lot.

“That’s good, since I have my eye on Cody.” The mere thought of sharing a bed with the wavy haired man was almost more than Jessica could bear.

When they got out of Missy’s car, the two men were already there waiting for them in the parking lot.

“After you.” Cody opened the door of the restaurant for Jessica, following behind her.

After they’d all decided on a supreme deluxe pizza complete with anchovies and ordered a pitcher of beer and soft drinks for the two drivers, they began to talk.

“Why haven’t we seen you two ladies around before?” Cody inquired as he looked at Jessica with that same sexy smile that had first drawn her to him.

“We’ve not been bowling for a while.” She returned the smile shyly.

“We keep pretty busy with work,” Missy added, looking at Andy.

“I hear that. We’ve been putting in all kinds of overtime at the plant,” Andy replied.

“So you both work at Goodyear?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah, like most folks around here that aren’t lucky enough to get out of town.”

“What do you girls do?” Cody asked.

“Uh, we both work on post,” Missy answered vaguely as she took a sip of the Coke that had just arrived.

“Ah, another place a lot of folks around here work,” Andy observed.

Jessica was incredibly intrigued by Cody. He had the most gorgeous brown eyes she had ever seen, like huge drops of chocolate candy…almost identical to the man in her dream. She began to imagine his hard working hands roaming her body, rocking her world, taking her to the ends of the earth and back…Jessica, get a grip, she told herself as she found herself staring into those beautiful eyes again.

The other three continued with light banter as they enjoyed the pizza while Jessica tried to concentrate on what they were all saying. It wasn’t easy with the brown eyed man sitting next to her. And long before she was ready, the evening was coming to an end.

Andy and Missy had exchanged cell phone numbers already as Cody asked Jessica for hers. She gave it to him and watched as he put it in his phone. She did the same with his.

“I’ll call you soon. Count on it, Jessie,” Cody said as he waved goodbye.

“That’d be great. I’ll talk to you soon.” She flashed him her sexiest smile.


Once they were on the road, Missy said, “Wow, Jess, that Andy is one sexy hunk of man. I’d love to see him again.”

“And I could get real cozy with Cody, if you know what I mean,” Jessica remarked thoughtfully. What would be the harm in a brief fling with a sexy local factory worker?

Missy glanced at her friend. “Jess, that doesn’t exactly sound like something you’d do. Are you really considering it?”

“Maybe, we’ll just have to see now, won’t we? All I can say is Cody Jones is one hell of a sexy man.”

After Missy had dropped her off at home, she prepared for bed with a smile as she remembered what he’d said. I wonder if he really will call.  She was just settling in between the cool sheets when her cell rang. She answered sleepily, “Hello.”

“Hey, Jessie, it’s Cody, calling to say goodnight.”

“Hi. When you said you’d call soon, you weren’t kidding.” She giggled and continued, “I’m glad to hear from you so soon.”

He chuckled. “I had a great time tonight, just had to call and tell you. I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon.”

“I had fun, too. We’ll definitely get together soon. Call me.”

“You can count on that, baby. Sweet dreams.”


She soon fell asleep, dreaming that a handsome, wavy haired man with huge, velvety chocolate brown eyes was sharing her bed. He kissed her lips then moved down her body, nuzzled her neck, stopping to whisper love words in her ear as he’d done in her dream the night before. She awoke, alone again, more determined than ever to make this particular dream become a reality, and the sooner the better.

Well, that’s it for now!!! Have a great week.


Anna 🙂

And Anna is Speechless…for once in her life

I really don’t know where to start this week.  First of all, welcome back to Anna’s beautiful world. And it is a beautiful world!

Crossroad to Love was released last Wednesday! It’s been a whirlwind ever since. It’s doing amazing so far! Getting 5 star reviews on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads and has reached Silver star status on ARe. People can’t wait for the next book in the series, which will be out in March, The Road to Her Heart. I’m speechless…and people who know me, know that doesn’t happen very often. My dream of turning this book into a series is becoming a reality. People love my characters as much as I do. As many of you are aware, the inspiration for this book came from my own lifelong friendship with a group of girls I went to school with. We have remained friends to this day, and we get together for trips, much like the girls in the book. Those friends surprised me on Friday night. We planned an overnight trip, to celebrate the book release and let me tell you, those girls had it planned down to every detail, from cake and champagne, to presenting me with a sky wifi smart pen. The pen was from all of them, but I was told later that one of the girl’s husbands was so excited for me, he insisted on shopping for and choosing the gift himself. He could easily fit into the role of any one of the husbands in the book, in a good way, of course. You’ll see in future books just how great the husbands can be. And the people from my hometown, many of whom I hadn’t seen or heard from since high school, have been amazing!!! One of our male classmates met us for dinner the night of the party to help celebrate and another guy actually read the book, loved it, and gave it a glowing review. So many of them have purchased the book and are spreading the word. It’s true what they say…there’s no place like home. The support I’ve been shown is something I’ll never forget. Many of these people live away from the area now, but have become interested in my new career as an author, and are spreading the word to people they know. Lazy Day Publishing has been amazing, as well. I received an email from Staci Taylor with Lazy Day on Friday afternoon, telling me to have fun at my party that night!!

I have another release coming up, two weeks from today, from Rebel Ink Press. Unlikely Lovers will be out on February 3. This book is not part of the series. It’s a love story all of its own and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do. I’ll post the blurb and an excerpt for it next week. I’ve been interviewed on three blogs this week. Thank you, Tricia Drammeh, Angelica Dawson, and Ginger Ring, for allowing me to invade your space. I hope to return the favor soon.

There will be article in the local newspaper on Tuesday night. Wow! That’s all I can say…speechless again.

Well, lots to do so I’m going to end this for now. Be sure and stop back by next week for the blurb and excerpt from Unlikely Lovers. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Annacrossroad-to-love-cover smallUnlikelyLovers_Cover

Anna’s Wonderful World :)

I’m back for with another week’s worth of happenings in Anna’s world. So glad you could join me! This has been a phenomenal week for me. In just a few days, on the 16th, I’ll celebrate my first release. The long-awaited, Crossroad to Love, will finally be released by Lazy Day Publishing. I’ve been asked to interview on some more blogs and also by my local newspaper. Almost makes me feel kinda special…LOL.

I posted on Facebook to a hometown group about my upcoming releases and was amazed at the positive and supportive comments I received from people I hadn’t heard from in years! So good to reconnect with them.

The friends who inspired this story are kidnapping me on Friday night. We’re going to have an all-night read-a-thon slumber party. Wow! Wonder what they’ll say when they read the parts I put in the book that really did happen to us…should make for some girlish giggling.

I hope to open this blog in the not-so-distant future to fellow authors. I’d love to host some of you! I’ve been working on a set of interview questions. You see, slowly but surely, I’m getting the hang of this author thing…

I’ve had quite a few hits on my website lately. If you haven’t yet, go check it out and please sign my guestbook while you’re there. You’ll be able to read some teasers about all my books there and see what’s up next.

Some of my characters from Crossroad to Love have been stopping by my Release date event over on FB with comments. Might be fun to stop by and read them. They were all wound up earlier. Join the event while you’re there, if you’d like. Release Date for Crossroad to Love.

What’s up in your world this week? I’ll be at the day job Monday and Tuesday but I’m taking Wednesday off. It’s not every day a girl has her first book release! 🙂 Look for me on FB and Twitter. I’ll be there all day, talking about Katy and Ryan and all their friends.

Oh, yeah, the best thing to happen all week…I’ve signed a contract with Lazy Day Publishing for the fourth book in the series. Love’s Winding Road will be released in July and follows Crossroad to Love  on January 16th, The Road to Her Heart in March, and The Road to His Soul in May!

And don’t forget, Rebel Ink Press will be releasing Unlikely Lovers on February 3rd and it’s not a part of the series. It’s a romance all of its own.

Until next time…Love, Anna

Crossroad Cover 3D

Anna’s World Back to Normal???

crossroad-to-love-cover smallUnlikelyLovers_Cover    Hello, and welcome back to Anna’s world!!! I finally have internet back, after a very harrowing two weeks, without it. Seems the modem, that was supposed to have been “overnighted,” and arrived a week later, was not the problem, after all. The problem was, as I tried to explain, in my first phone call to the ISP,  the wind storm we’d had in our area, recently. It had caused something to become disconnected OUTSIDE. Needless to say, they’ve heard from me several times, and I was given credit for the month, and not charged a fee for the repair. Now, I’m working like a madwoman, trying to catch up on everything that should have been done two weeks ago…LOL Enough of my rant…on to more exciting news!

The release date for CROSSROAD TO LOVE is growing closer. In just a week and a half, on the 16th, you’ll be able to purchase it on,, and probably a few other sites, as well. Remember, this one is the first in a series, full of drama and romance!

And, just a few weeks later,  on February 3rd, Rebel Ink Press will be releasing UNLIKELY LOVERS, which is NOT a part of the series. People are often confused by this, so I am trying to clarify, often, which books are a part of the series, and which are not. I’m sorry for the confusion, but…after writing several books, over the past five years, it was amazing when all the contracts suddenly began pouring in, at once. That’s the way it happens, sometimes, and even though it makes things just a tad confusing, it’s very exciting, all the same.

I’ve posted the blurb for CROSSROAD TO LOVE a few times. Next week, I’ll post an excerpt for you, just a little teaser, a few days before the release!

I’m very busy with edits right now. I’ve actually finished the fourth book in my series, but need to finish other edits, and polish the new one up, before submitting it. I have ideas swarming in my head, screaming at me to put them on paper, but until I’m caught up on edits, and blog interviews, which were delayed, due to my internet issues, they’ll just have to wait a little while longer…

I said we’d talk about New Year’s Resolutions this week…did you make any? I can’t really say that I did…but am planning to make this a productive year. I need to learn to manage editing, writing, and promoting, along with working a day job, and still have time for family and friends. That has been the biggest challenge for me in the past six months, since all this wonderful craziness began. As I fall more into a routine, and learn more of the processes in this beautiful new life, I hope to be able to balance all of it, with ease…yeah…go ahead and giggle, chuckle, laugh…hey, isn’t that what a New Year’s resolution is? You set a high goal for yourself…

Now that I’ve made you laugh, maybe I’ll treat you to an early teaser, instead of making you wait…this is from CROSSROAD TO LOVE…the first book in my FAB FIVE series, from Lazy Day Publishing, coming Jan 16, 2013…enjoy!

“Now, what did you want to talk to me about, my sweet?” he asked as he plopped down beside her. “Maybe we don’t need to talk, after all. You look very fetching sitting on my sofa.” He pulled her to him and kissed her, a long, lingering kiss that begged to be taken further.

She gave herself to the kiss, returning his passion with her own. Oh, Ryan…All lucid thoughts were gone as she lost herself in Ryan’s kisses. He laid her back on the couch, tracing her face with his finger. He looked into her eyes, kissed her again and sat up, pulling her up beside him. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I promised you I would behave, and I will.”

“It’s ok, Ryan. I didn’t exactly fight you, now did I?” Katy laughed. I only wish we could have finished what we began on this couch. This is all so confusing. One minute I think we are not meant to be lovers and then he kisses me and I wonder if maybe we are. I have to tell him now before we go to a place we may not be supposed to go.

“No, I guess you didn’t. That was some kiss. But you said you wanted to talk, so I am ready to listen now.”

She took a deep breath before beginning.

“Ryan, in the past week, we have become close, am I right?” she began nervously chewing her lip as she watched his face.

 “We have. You came into my sorry life like a Texas tornado. You really turned me around, little lady.”

Katy giggled at the thought of being compared to a tornado. “I hope that’s a good thing.”

“Oh, you bet it is. If we intend to pursue this thing, though, and see where it leads us, we are going to have to discuss the distance factor, you know.”

She looked into his eyes and began to speak again. “But we need to talk about something else first.”

He smiled down at her. 

“Have it all figured out, don’t you?” He touched her cheek softly and leaned over to kiss her.

She responded to his kiss again, not wanting it to end. But end it must, so she pulled away and tried to speak again.

 “Ryan, there is something else I have to tell you. This is very serious and I have been debating how to tell you ever since we had dinner the other night. Do you remember our conversation about Marnie and the accident?”

 He sighed as he said, “Yes, I do, but why do we have to ruin tonight by bringing her up? I thought the other night was the end of that subject.”

 “I had hoped that it would be the end of that subject, but something you said that night absolutely stunned me. I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to say, at the time, but I have given it a lot of thought, and you have to know.”

 “What in the world are you trying to tell me, Katy?” Ryan asked, a puzzled look on his face.

 She took a deep breath and finally spoke the words that she did not want to say. The words that would end her newfound relationship with the first man she had met in ten years that was worth getting to know.

On January 16, you can find out what Katy was about to tell Ryan…have a wonderful week!