Jane: One Woman’s Survival

Good morning! I’ve just released a book that is out of the norm for me. A few years ago, one of my readers approached me about writing her life story. As you know, I write fiction, with happy endings, light, sassy, love stories. Well, this was a great honor yet I worried that I couldn’t do justice to “Jane’s” story.

I met with her in person, had a lovely lunch and great conversation. After that, I knew I had to attempt to do this. And so, I have. Jane’s story has a happy ending, but it took many years for her to get to that point. Abused as a child and again as a young adult, hers is a sad story and one that happens all too often. Jane went through two abusive marriages before she found true love. That’s right, not one. Two. Think about that for a minute.

Jane is lucky to be alive. But she is a survivor, and by the grace of God, she is here to tell her story in the hopes that it will help others in similar situations find the help they need.

She kept her story hidden for over fifty years, but now, in order to have closure with her past and to help others, she has told it to me and asked me to publish it.

If you or someone you know is in trouble, you read to read this book.

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R7K7HRD

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07R7K7HRD

Amazon AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07R7K7HRD

Amazon CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07R7K7HRD

Nook: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/jane-jane-doe/1131402048?ean=2940161513361

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/jane-48

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I’m back!

graphics with website linkHello there! I know many of you haven’t heard from me in quite some time. Well, there is a good reason for that. I’ve suffered three deaths in my immediate family in the last year and a half, and writing was very difficult for me. I have since remarried and moved to Florida, and things are falling into place for me as I start this new chapter in my life.

But, the good news is I’m back, and 2019 is looking good. I was able to release a few books in 2018, but this year, I’m determined to get back in the game. I’m working on a series, Dominant Men, with my Isabella Kole pen name. The first one released in October, 2018. Book two will release in March and book three in April, with more to come. I released a children’s book with one of my granddaughters, using my real name. Abraham’s Soul, by Anna Kristell, was rereleased with a new cover in October. And in December, I put together a book about my hometown, which was a collaboration of several people from the town, reliving some of their favorite memories.

As Anna, I’m also involved in a secret project with some awesome authors. Look for the preorder to that book later in the month.

I’ll give you the links to my 2018 books in this post, so you can check them out.

Her Blue Collar Dom

Her_Blue_collar_ dom_500x755

Twelve Naughty Days of Christmas

Yuletide Dom cover

Abraham’s Soul


Bailey to the Rescue


Memories of a Small Town


It feels good to be back, and I hope you’ll be hearing from me more often this year. Thank you all for your kindness and patience while I was putting my life back together.

REBECCA’S SIGN…my latest inspirational romance…

Rebecca's Sign cover

Welcome back! I have a new book release to talk about! Yes, that’s right, my twenty-fifth book released this week, an inspirational romance about a young widow who is unexpectedly forced to begin a new life with her two young children. Rebecca’s Sign was released earlier this week by LazyDay Publishing and I’m going to share the blurb and an excerpt with you tonight.


Suburban housewife, Rebecca Long, has lived the American dream for several years. When her world suddenly comes crashing down around her after the sudden death of her husband and she is left to fend for herself and her two young children, she makes a drastic change and moves her family across the country. Settling on the Texas ranch of her aunt and uncle, she accepts a job keeping the books for neighboring rancher, Seth Winters, leaving behind the life she’s grown accustomed to.

Seth has been left at the altar by a fiancée who couldn’t face life on the ranch. Can two lonely hearts find the courage to give love another chance? Or will circumstances beyond their control keep them apart forever?

Wow, are you wondering about the details? Will the children adjust to life on a ranch after living in the suburbs? Will Rebecca be able to survive? And Seth…well, now that’s a whole other story…


Rebecca Long checked her pot roast in the oven again. Looking at the clock on her bright
yellow kitchen wall she sighed. If Roger didn’t get home soon, their dinner would be ruined.
Where could he be? He hadn’t called to tell her he’d be late, which was very unusual. If her
husband was anything, he was dependable.
“Mommy, I’m hungry,” her daughter, Kaci, said as she ran into the kitchen.
“Get your brother and wash up. I’m going to go ahead and let you guys eat. Daddy’s
running late.”
As Kaci ran off to find her older brother, Matthew, Rebecca reached for the potholder
once more and opened the oven door. Pushing her dark, shoulder length hair out of the way, she
stood back, waiting for the steam from the hot oven to escape before taking their dinner out.
She had just filled the children’s plates when the doorbell rang.
“Who on earth could that be right at dinnertime?” she asked aloud as she wiped her hands
on a dishtowel and walked the distance from the dining room of her modern, midwestern home
to the front foyer. She opened the door, expecting to see one of the neighbors, but instead found
herself looking at the two police officers standing on her doorstep in surprise.
“M…may I help you?” she asked.
“Mrs. Roger Long?” one of the officers asked solemnly.
“Yes, I’m Mrs. Long,” she replied hesitantly.
“May we come in, ma’am? We need to talk with you,” the officer continued. Both men
proceeded to show her their identification.
“Of course, come on in. What is this concerning?” she asked as she stepped aside to
allow them to enter her home.
“Are you here alone? Is there a neighbor or a relative you could ask to come over?” the
other officer asked.
“My children are having their dinner. I could call my next door neighbor, but I’d imagine
she is feeding her family dinner right now.”
“Would you ask her to come over, please?” the officer asked kindly.
“You’re frightening me. Has something happened?”
“I’m afraid so, ma’am.”
With shaking hands, Rebecca picked up her cell and phoned her next-door neighbor and
friend, Marci. “Marci, please, I know you’re probably in the middle of dinner, but could you
come over here? The police are here, and they are saying I shouldn’t be alone. I’m not quite sure
what’s happening.”
Within minutes, Marci and her husband, Charlie, were at the door.
Charlie looked at the officers and asked, “What’s going on?”
“Please, could we all sit down?”
Rebecca led the officers into the living room and as they all took a seat, Marci held
tightly to Rebecca’s hand. By now, both women were frightened.
The officer who’d been doing most of the talking spoke quietly. As he looked from
Charlie to Marci to Rebecca, he said, “There is no easy way to say this, ma’am. Your husband,
Roger, was in an accident this afternoon. His car apparently went left of center and over an
embankment. We don’t have all the details yet, but it is being investigated.”
“I need to go to him. Why have we wasted all this time? What hospital has he been taken
to?” Rebecca screamed as she stood up.
The officer looked at Charlie and shook his head. Charlie immediately put his arms
around Rebecca. “Sit down, hon, we need to listen to what he has to say.” He looked at Marci,
who by now had figured out what was coming next.
“I’m sorry, Mrs. Long. Your husband was killed instantly in the crash. No one else was
injured; he managed not to collide with any other vehicles.”
“This can’t be happening. You’ve made a mistake, it wasn’t my Roger. It has to be a
different Roger Long.” Rebecca was wide-eyed and shaking as she clutched onto Marci and
Charlie for support.
“Are you positive?” Charlie asked the officer.
“His identification was in his wallet and in the vehicle. We’ll have his personal effects for
Mrs. Long once the investigation is completed. I’m very sorry.”

Of course, there is a mystery surrounding the death of Roger, and the things revealed to Rebecca in the days that followed his death were shocking to her. I hope I’ve piqued your interest enough to want to one click and find out the rest. Will she find the strength to move forward for the sake of her children? Will she receive the signs from Roger she needs?

Buy Link:


Happy Reading!!!!!

Love, Anna

Abraham’s Soul…An Inspirational Love Story

Abraham's Soul coverWelcome back to Anna’s World! In just a few days, Lazy Day Publishing will release my newest book. Abraham’s Soul is an inspirational romance set in an area near where I grew up. I’ll share the blurb and an excerpt with you to let you know a little about it. 


When young Sarah Elizabeth Graber accepts a position in Abraham Miller’s household, she quickly realizes the handsome widower who employed her is a lost soul. A shell of the man he once was, estranged from his family for nearly twenty years, he has lost his faith in God and the will to go on. Aside from his friend and business partner, he finds the only other person he can talk to is his housekeeper, Sarah.
Sarah’s self-appointed mission is to bring Abraham back to the church and the family he left behind. What she didn’t plan on was falling in love along the way. Just when it appears a bright future lies ahead for the couple, tragedy strikes. As Sarah and Abraham are put to the ultimate test, will their faith bring them through it, or will Abraham slip away from God forever?


Abe looked at the tiny blonde girl in awe. Quiet little Sarah Elizabeth Graber had some spunk. She was right. Drinking himself into oblivion wasn’t going to bring Lynnette back. He sat up and took a sip of the strong brew. After he’d finished the cup, he set it down and went to his bathroom, where he stood under the hot spray of water, letting it fall onto his face and body. When he’d dried himself and dressed, he went down stairs to find that Sarah had prepared a sandwich for him.

“Eat,” she commanded.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked.

“Because someone has to wake you up,” she replied. “Ana has tried, Louis had tried, and you are estranged from your family, so now I guess it’s up to me.” She had retrieved his mug from the den earlier and now filled it again and set the coffee in front of him.

He watched as the small girl moved around the kitchen in her new floral skirt and bright blouse. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a bun, but she was one of the most beautiful creatures he’d seen in a long time. He had great respect for the young girl who had come into his mess of a house, put it back in order in no time, and now, was taking care of him. It wasn’t part of the job description, but she had taken it upon herself to come to his aid. She had been raised to see the good in others and to help those that were down, the same way he had been raised. She was a good girl and one her family could be proud of. Could the same be said of his family? Would they be proud of the man he’d become? For all the success he’d gained, would they be proud of the…man…he’d become?

Abe finished his sandwich and coffee. Again he apologized to his young housekeeper. “I’m sorry if I offended you, Sarah Elizabeth. That is the last thing I would ever wish to do.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about. You can’t go on like this, Mr. Miller. You’re living half a life, a life without the Lord, without a family. How much longer can you do that?”

Once again, she was right. But could he find it in his heart to forgive the God that had taken his Lynnette away from him? Could he find his way back to the family he walked out on years ago? Occasionally, he heard from his brother. He knew his parents were still living and that his siblings were doing well. The question remained, could he ever go back to visit, would he ever go back? 

If you like sweet, inspirational love stories, then this is definitely the book for you. Available July 8, 2015 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and http://www.lazydaypub.com.



Immerse Yourself…

blog for MDayIt’s Mother’s Day again and what better way to celebrate than with a new grandbaby? Let me explain, eight years ago, my first grandson was born on Mother’s Day. Now eight years later, we’re about to celebrate the birth of our second grandson. Those little girls all chose other days to make their debut into the world, but the boys…well…they like Mother’s Day.

What does Mother’s Day mean to you? Do you have any special memories? One of the best gifts I ever had was the year my daughter was three and my son was six months old. The hubs gave me money and said, “Head to the mall, I got it covered here.” To a stay at home mom with a colicky baby and a busy toddler, that had to be the best gift he could have given me. My mother lives in another state, about eight hundred miles away from me, so I’ll be seeing her next month, but not for Mother’s Day. Do you have special celebrations in your family?

I think the mothers I wrote about in my Fab Five series are pretty special ladies. Marianne, for example, had to experience the pain of watching her youngest son recover from a horrific automobile accident, not knowing if he would ever walk again. Angie suffered the pain of losing a baby and being told she would never carry a baby to term. Katy lost her only daughter in a head-on collision. Lizzie watched her daughter suffer the loss of her young husband days after learning she was carrying their first child. Chloe yearned for a family, but couldn’t conceive. Now, I didn’t make them suffer forever, being the nice author that I am. Things  turned around for Marianne’s family and Lizzie’s daughter eventually found happiness. Katy’s son was a source of comfort for her throughout the years. Angie found a way to make her dreams come true and Chloe…well, I can’t give everything away. Read the series and find out for yourself. Throughout the series each of the women used their strength and love to nurture, protect and encourage their offspring, much like you or I might do with our own. We watched as their children grew up and found their way, stumbling at times.

Feel free to share your special Mother’s Day memory in the comments. I look forward to hearing them. And please…be sure and visit the other blogs. There might just be a signed copy of Book One in the Fab Five series, Crossroad To Love, Crossroad Cover 3D

ALL ROADS LEAD TO YOU …The Fab Five drama continues

ARLTY-Final-500Hello again! For those of you who avidly follow my Fab Five series, you’ll be happy to know that the latest installment, Book Eight, became available a few days ago. This one, All Roads Lead To You, is the long-awaited story of Jordan Jacobi, Marianne’s youngest son, and his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Abbi Young.

If you’ll remember from past books, both Jordan and Abbi have had much drama in their young lives and for that reason, they’ve never quite been able to take the final step in their relationship. Abbi was drugged and raped at a party when she was just fifteen, which resulted in a pregnancy. An open adoption was arranged with Angie and Michael Gray. The Grays would raise little Madison Rose as their own, but Abbi and her family were allowed to be a part of her life. After much angst on Abbi’s part, the situation was working out splendidly, until…

As for Jordan, a young man with a future in pro football, his dreams ended the night he was hit head on by a drunk driver. It was Abbi, the younger sister of his best friend, who gave him the incentive to walk again, by promising he could escort her to her senior prom if he was walking in time to attend the event. He’d always had a soft spot for shy, pretty Abbi. Of course, she was harboring a secret crush on her big brother’s best friend and had been for years.

The two began dating, but there always seemed to be something keeping them apart. Now, finally, their story will be told. Here’s the blurb to whet your appetite a bit.

The Fab Five return, this time with the long- awaited love story of Jordan Jacobi and Abbi Young. The two have had an on and off relationship for years, but through it all have remained the best of friends. When Jordan suddenly changes his career plans and drops out of his residency at Baylor, it looks like it’s also the end for the two young lovers.

When the past comes back to haunt Abbi, it threatens to change her life forever, as well as the lives of Angie, Michael and Madison Gray. Abbi begins to doubt herself about what really happened to her when she was fifteen.

Will Jordan come back to her? Will he stand by her side and erase all doubts as the two face her demons together, or is it over for good?

Still clamoring for more? Alright, here’s a little more…

Jordan Jacobi sat across the table from his long-time girlfriend, Abbi Young. He took her
hand and in a shaking voice said, “Abbi, I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve not been myself lately. I’d
like to explain.”
“You’re right; you have seemed a little off recently. What’s going on?” Abbi asked as she
looked at his handsome face nervously.
“I don’t know where to start,” he replied as his fingers caressed her hand.
“Why not start at the beginning?” she urged.
“You know that football has always been my life. I was headed toward a pro career and
then suddenly, after the accident, that was no longer an option.”
“Yes,” Abbi said.
“Jackson convinced me to follow in the family footsteps and go into medicine. I went
along with it, because I saw no other option at the time. Now I’m in my residency and I’m just
not sure medicine is where I belong.”
“Are you considering something else? Have you talked to your family about this?” Abbi
asked in concern.
“Not yet, I felt I needed to speak with you first. A job has come open at our old high
school. They’re looking for a health and phys-ed teacher, who can also coach the football team.
I’m seriously considering applying for the position. I know the money will be substantially less
than if I were to go on and join Jackson in his orthopedic practice, but this is looking more and
more appealing to me. I’ve given it a lot of thought.”
“I see. You know I’m okay with whatever you decide, but you need to be absolutely
“Abbi, honey, there’s more. I’m so confused about my future right now. I just don’t feel
it’s fair to you for me to be this confused. I love you with all my heart, but I think, at least for
now, we should take a break.”
Abbi took a deep breath, not sure she’d heard him correctly. “Jordan, you can’t keep
doing this. How many times are you going to want to take a break before you decide it’s over for
good? You’re right; it isn’t fair, to either of us. If you’re certain this is what you want, then so be
it, but don’t expect me to wait around like I have all the other times. Maybe we just aren’t meant
to be, after all.”
“Abbi, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to hurt you.”
“Jordan, I love you, too. Maybe it’s time we go our separate ways. If we’re meant to
make a life together, we’ll find our way back to each other, in time. I can’t put my life on hold
yet again. We may be fighting for something that just isn’t in the cards for us. I’ll always love
you, but if you aren’t sure, I have to question our commitment to each other.”
“I guess this is it,” Jordan replied sadly. “I’ll always love you, too.”
“Talk to your family, do what you have to do. Know that I wish you all the happiness in
the world and I’ll always be in your corner, but I think it’s time for you to take me home now.”
Jordan paid the tab and drove Abbi to her apartment. He walked her to the door and
gently kissed her on the cheek. “We’ll stay in touch,” he said as he turned to go.
He sighed when she didn’t answer him, unlocked her door and went inside.

Yep, looks like they’ve called it off yet again… Be sure and one click so you can find out what drama will bring the two young lovers back to each other. Or…can anything bring them together this time?


AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Anna+Kristell

BARNES & NOBLE: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1121590879?ean=2940151462921


A COWBOY’S PROMISE (Val’s story)

Cowboy's Promise-flatHi! It’s been busy in Anna’s world. I had two releases within two weeks, one from spicy Isabella and the other from sweet Anna. Today, let’s talk about Anna’s latest, A Cowboy’s Promise. This is book two in The Promises Trilogy. A bit of back story, when I wrote Remember Our Promise in 2012, it was intended to be a stand-alone. But after its release, in August 2013, several readers asked that I make it into a series, so I decided to write a trilogy. I spoke to my publisher, Rebel Ink Press, and E agreed that it was a good idea. It took a while for me to work it into the writing schedule, but finally book two took shape and was released on January tenth!

In the first book, you met Valerie Kennedy, who was Lily’s assistant at the publishing house she worked for in New York City. Now, some years later, Val is having some issues of her own, and takes a vacation to visit her old pal, Lily, in Texas. You guessed it, she meets a guy!

Here’s the blurb for A Cowboy’s Promise:

Valerie Kennedy is feeling restless. Bored with her life in New York City, she finds herself searching for something more. She dreams of peace and serenity. Love has eluded her until she decides to pay a visit to her old friend, Lily Black, in Texas. There she is introduced to hot cowboy, Levi Ridgeway. Her first impression of him isn’t good, but as she spends more time with him she discovers that Levi and Texas might just hold the key to her happiness. The pot is sweetened by an offer to join Lily as a partner in her publishing company.

When one crisis after another forces Val to stay in New York and put important decisions on hold, will she let her dreams fade away and give up the only man she’s ever loved?

What kind of crisis is holding her back? Why can’t she make up her mind? You’ll have to read the book to find that out, but here’s a little snippet of Val’s first date with Levi:

“What made you decide to become a cowboy?” she asked.

“Become a cowboy?” he repeated with a grin. “Well, as a boy I helped out on a friend’s family ranch and I really enjoyed it. I’ll admit it often makes for a long, hot day, but I enjoy the out of doors. I like horses, I like all animals really. It just seemed like the perfect job for me.”

“If you like the outdoors, how will you adjust to working inside full-time when you make the break into your graphics?”

“I’ll be able to make my own hours and I’ll always make time for a ride in the fields or a day of fishing by the brook.”

“I see. I guess growing up in New York, I didn’t get the country outdoors so much but I did spend time at the beach every summer. I took riding lessons for a few years. I loved to ice skate in the winter.”

“You took riding lessons?” he asked with interest.

“Yes, I did.”

“So if you can ride, say on Sunday afternoon, how about you and I take the horses out? I know a great place for a picnic.”

“You have horses?” she asked. “Silly question, of course you do. You’re a cowboy.”

“I have one and my sister has one I’m sure she’d be willing to let you ride. She’s a gentle horse, you’ll be safe enough.”

“You’re on, cowboy. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden but it’s something I’ve always loved to do.”

“I’ll pick you up at one,” he said with that lopsided grin he sported so many times when he looked at her.

“Sounds great,” she said. “Oh look, the band is setting up.”

“Yeah, it’s a local group. I’ve heard them before and they’re pretty good.”

Val watched in fascination as the members of the band quickly finished setting up and adjusting the sound. She was looking forward to hearing a Texas country band. Although she’d grown up with the ballet and classical music, she enjoyed listening to modern country on the radio occasionally. Lily had done that to her during the time she had lived in New York. Lily had taught her a great many things. Just as the other girl had often said Claire was her mentor, Val had to admit that Lily was hers. She loved her like a sister.

The band started out with a fast-paced country tune. Several couples were on the dance floor along with a group of young girls who seemed to be celebrating a bride-to-be. After a few more of the same, line dancing was in full mode. Val watched with interest.

“See, you could do it. Lily and I could give you lessons.”

“Lily does that?” she asked.

“On occasion when she’s out with the girls,” he replied. “David only does slow dances but she can cut a rug given the chance.”

“Cut a rug?” Val asked.

He chuckled and explained, “Old time term for dancing.”

When the mood turned romantic with a slow song, he looked across the table and held out his hand. “I believe this is our song.”

Val allowed him to lead her to the gleaming wooden dance floor as if she were in a dream. He took her in his arms and pulled her close. The musky male scent mingled with his cologne and she sighed. He pulled her even closer. They were barely moving on the floor but the smell coupled with his touch was doing strange things to Val. She was experiencing a feeling she’d never felt before. It was a feeling of excitement, almost a tingly feeling, but most of all she felt safe and content in his arms. She was feeling an intensity with him that was a new sensation for her.

Levi leaned down and kissed the top of her head. It sent shivers down her spine. When the song ended, he didn’t release her immediately. It was as if he’d felt the same feelings she had felt, like he didn’t want to let her go. She could have stayed on that dance floor in his arms forever but the band had other ideas as they moved into another fast number.

“I guess that’s our cue to go back to our table,” he whispered as he released her and took her hand. He led her back and pulled out her chair for her.

Neither of them spoke for several minutes. When they did, they both tried to talk at once.

“You go ahead, ladies first,” he offered.

“I was just going to say that for a cowboy you’re a pretty good dancer.”

“Why, thank you, ma’am,” he said in an exaggerated drawl.

“Now what were you going to say?” she asked.

He threw his head back and laughed heartily. “You won’t believe this but I was about to say that for a city slicker, you don’t do so badly on the old dance floor.”

She laughed with him. “Well, I guess now we know we both can dance and we both can ride.”

“I wonder what else we have in common,” he replied seriously.

I hope that interested you. The third book in the trilogy will feature Claire, Lily’s mentor, friend and former boss. At the end of book two, you’ll find out that her life isn’t perfect and in book three that trend will continue as she struggles to reunite with a lost love. A Forgotten Promise will have you in tears as you watch the recent divorcee and the love of her life, recently widowed, with four children to raise, find their way back to each other.

20130815-031916.jpgRebel Ink PressBestof2014


Buy Links for A Cowboy’s Promise:




The Road To Forever…

Copy of The-Road-to-Forever-FinalThe Road To Forever, is live on Amazon!!!!! It should also be on Barnes & Noble and AllRomance tomorrow.

What a whirlwind it’s been since the series made its debut on January 16th!. This book marks the halfway point in the series. I have twelve books planned and am currently at work on Book Seven, A Dangerous Road To Destiny.

It all began with a book started many years ago that was based on my own lifelong friendship with a group of girls from Southern Indiana. From there it has progressed into a dramatic romance series, dealing with topics ranging from death of a spouse, domestic abuse, and cancer to a variety of other topics. In each book, one of the grown children of the original Fab Five women encounters drama and heartache along the way on their road to romance. The original five women appear from time to time to lend a helping hand or with little subplots of their own. Each title contains the word “Road” to distinguish the series books from my other books and each one ends with a cliffhanger. The next book begins where the last one left off. They can be read as stand-alones, but I believe you’ll enjoy them much more if you start at the beginning and work your way through the series.

The books are in order of publication from LazyDay Publishing so far are: Crossroad To Love, The Road To Her Heart, The Road To His Soul, Love’s Winding Road, A Rocky Road To Romance, and The Road To Forever. My theme is Road To Romance, taken from the fact each of these couples travels a sometimes frightening, sometimes difficult road to romance.

Now here’s the blurb:

Another ‘Fab Five’ story and this time, Chelsea Barron’s sister faces the fight of her life.

 When pretty Cortney Wyatt was introduced to Jordan Jacobi’s friend, Dustin Young, at Chelsea’s wedding to Alex, she wanted him to be her Prince Charming, just as Alex is her sister’s. They began dating, but when Dustin stopped calling, she realized it might not be meant to be, so she did what any young girl would do, and started dating someone else.

 When Dustin calls to invite her to meet him for pizza and explains why he stopped calling, Cortney realizes, she’s in love with him, not Brandon, the guy she’s been dating.  She’s been pining for Dustin all along, while forming a close friendship with Brandon.

 When Brandon suggests she date both of them before making her decision, Dustin reluctantly agrees to the plan, vowing to make sure she chooses him. Cortney soon realizes Brandon is her best friend and Dustin is her Prince Charming.

 Dustin slips an engagement ring on Cortney’s finger. And then… Tragedy strikes when Cortney is diagnosed with cancer.

 Will the young couple survive? Or will Dustin decide it’s too much for him to handle?

Here’s an Excerpt:

“Let’s dance. I love this song.” She stood up and put a hand out to him.
Dusty took her hand. He pulled her close and kissed her before walking to the dance floor with her. As he pulled her into his arms, she snuggled against him. Catching a glimpse of Brandon and his date, she couldn’t help but notice how cozy they were together. It didn’t bother her, but made her wonder if he was keeping his promise about no fooling around. Giving her full attention back to her date, she smiled up at him.
“Are you having a good time?”
“Yes, I always have a good time when I’m with you,” she replied.
He pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “I’m falling for you, baby, hard and fast.”
She gazed up at him. “Oh, Dusty, I fell for you months ago.”
“Then why are we playing this silly game?”
“To tell you the truth, at this moment, I really don’t know.”
“Let’s get out of here,” he said.
“Okay,” she said as he led her off the dance floor and to the parking lot.
When they reached his car, he pulled her close for a kiss. “Cortney, do us both a favor and end this madness tomorrow when you see Brandon.”
She didn’t answer immediately. Finally, she said, “I’ll work on it. But it’s only been a week. Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve seen him since this all started.”
He threw his arms up in the air. “I don’t understand you.”
As she got into the car and buckled her seatbelt, she looked over at him. “You’re mad at me.”
“I’m very frustrated with you. You admit you have feelings for me, yet you won’t end it with him and commit to an exclusive relationship with me.”
“I have feelings for him, too, Dusty. Not the same as I feel for you, but I have to find out for myself what those feelings are, what it means. Maybe it’s all physical attraction between us. You have to admit, we’re pretty hot when we kiss.”
“Do you honestly think that’s all it is? Cortney, come on, you can’t be serious.”
“I guess that’s pretty crazy, but I’m so confused. When I’m with you, I’m almost certain you are who I’m meant to be with. But…”
“Were you jealous when he walked in with someone else?”
“It stunned me, but I don’t think what I was feeling was jealousy.”
“How would you have felt if it had been me with another girl?”
“Devastated,” she replied honestly.
“Don’t you see? Every answer you’re giving me shouts that you want me.”
“You think so?”
“I know so, but apparently you don’t. I think I need to cool it for a few days, let you miss me.”
“I’ve been missing you for months.”
“You don’t act like it. You’re so exasperating right now.”
“I’m going to lose you, aren’t I?”
“Not if I can help it, you’re not,” he replied in a low husky voice. “Come here, baby. I’m sorry, but you have no idea how this whole thing makes me feel.” He kissed her gently before starting the engine to drive her home.
He didn’t talk to her on the ride home. When he walked her to the door, he kissed her chastely on the lips and said goodbye.
“Call me?” she asked.
“I will, but not right away.”
“Okay, goodnight,” she said sadly as she turned to go inside.
He turned around and walked back to her. Pulling her into an embrace, he devoured her lips with his in a kiss so demanding, so possessive; it left no doubt in her mind that he wanted her. As he deepened the kiss, she leaned into him for support, since her legs had turned to jelly.
“God, baby, don’t do that,” he said as he ended the kiss. He turned and walked to his car, leaving Cortney standing on her front porch, shaking, as she watched him drive away into the night.
Never had Brandon kissed her like that, never had he told her he was falling for her, and never had her legs turned to jelly when he touched her. Then why couldn’t she let go? Was everyone right? Was Brandon her anchor, her security? What hold did he have on her?

Well, there you have it…peak your interest? Here is the buy link for Amazon:


Thanks for stopping by…my next post will be an interview with Emily A. Lawrence on the 30th!  Until then, keep reading…Love, Anna


A Rocky Road To Romance

A-Rocky-Road-To-Romance-Final (2)Hey, welcome back! I’m excited this week because Book #5 in my Fab Five series is coming out in just a few days, on the 22nd! This is the book that will stay with you long  after you turn that last page. It was difficult for me to write, and several times I had to get up and walk away and return to it later. It will literally rock you to the core.

The story is about a girl in an abusive relationship. Having never lived it, I had to find a way to put myself into the victim’s head. And when I did, I became emotionally attached. I cried a lot while writing and editing this story. My heart went out to my heroine. I know women who have been in similar situations and it made me appreciate them even more after finishing this book.

The Advanced Review copies went out Friday night to a few people and I’ve heard back from some of them already. The general consensus was that it was well portrayed and a book that will long be remembered. I hope they are right because this book tells a story…one of survival…and one of the power of love…and of course, the most important quality in the Fab Five books…friendship.

Here is the blurb for A Rocky Road To Romance:

More Fab Five drama and this time it’s the O’Gradys facing turmoil at every turn.

 Chloe’s high-risk pregnancy has her homebound as she and Shane anxiously await the arrival of twins. Shane is busy between home and the office, so when Katy’s son, Alex, moves to Dallas, taking a job in the offices of O’Grady Enterprises, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

 Alex is attracted to the hostess at Chloe’s Place, Chelsea Wyatt. But Chelsea has a boyfriend…and a secret. When it becomes apparent to all around her she is in an abusive relationship, Alex is more determined than ever to convince her that he is the guy for her.

 As Chelsea comes to the realization she is falling in love with Alex, he gives her a small glimpse of what life with him could be like. But a bombshell is dropped on Alex when he is told someone is stealing from the restaurant and Chelsea is one of the prime suspects. Determined to prove her innocence, Alex discovers just how devious Chelsea’s boyfriend, Dante, is. And when Chelsea learns the truth and attempts to break free of Dante’s hold on her, he viciously attacks her, leaving her for dead.

As Chelsea attempts to recover from the physical and emotional trauma, Alex is by her side. The Fab Five rally around her and Alex, offering help and support. Can the young couple get back to the plans they made for a life together or is Chelsea too emotionally damaged after the attack to even consider it?

And here’s a little snippet for you:

Chelsea Wyatt parked her car in the employee parking lot of the upscale Dallas restaurant, Chloe’s Place, and looked in the mirror. As she brushed her hand gently across the bruise on her cheek, she decided it was hidden as well as it could be with the makeup she had carefully applied before leaving her apartment. Dante didn’t mean to do it, I know he didn’t, she told herself for the twentieth time. She sighed, picked up her purse and got out of the car. Walking in the back door of the restaurant to begin her shift as hostess for the evening, she hoped no one would notice. She wished she could confide in Alex, her friend at work, but he was the boss’s son. It was probably better not to go there.

Marcos, the restaurant’s head waiter, greeted her, “Hi, Chelsea, how are you this afternoon?”

“I’m good. How’s everything here?”

“Busy night ahead of us, lots of reservations,” Marcos replied, smiling.

“Business is good. The O’Gradys must be happy.”

Chloe O’Grady walked into the employee area to the right of the kitchen and laughed. “Yes, Chelsea, we are very happy.”

“Chloe, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be taking it easy?” Chelsea asked. Chloe was in the beginning stages of a high-risk pregnancy. She was expecting twins and had been told to rest by her doctor.

“I’m feeling better and the doctor said I can stop in from time to time to say hello, but I’m still supposed to do the bulk of my work from home.”

“I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. When Katy told all of us what was going on, we didn’t know whether to be happy for you or concerned.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet, but it’s a happy thing. Shane and I’ve wanted a baby for a long time. And now we’re getting two, so all’s good! Now that the morning sickness is better, hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out,” Chloe replied with a smile.

Chloe’s husband, Shane, walked in. “Honey, are you ready to go yet? I thought you were picking up work and going back home.”

“I’m just chatting. I’ll be ready soon.”

“Okay, let me know when you’re finished, and I’ll drive you home.” Shane leaned down and kissed his young wife on the forehead. Turning to Chelsea he said, “Hi, Chelsea. How are you tonight?”

“I’m good, Shane, thanks for asking. Congrats on the twins. I haven’t had a chance to tell you yet.”

“Thanks. I’ll see you later. I’m working tonight. I think Alex is going to stay and help out, too, since it’s going to be so busy. Ryan gave him the afternoon off in exchange for helping out in here tonight.”

“I guess I’ll see you later.” Chelsea smiled at the younger O’Grady brother as he left the room.

“I’d better leave. He’s not going to stand for me hanging around here for long. It’s going to be a long seven months.” Chloe laughed as she left for the corporate office to retrieve her work.

“Bye, Chloe, take care of yourself.”

Chelsea prepared to take her station at the desk in the lobby. Whew, made it through so far without anyone noticing my cheek. Maybe it’ll be okay.

But what Chelsea didn’t realize was that it had been noticed, by both Chloe and Shane. And when Chloe entered her husband’s office, which was in the corporate building next door to the restaurant, she sat down with tears in her eyes.

“You saw the bruise didn’t you, honey?” Shane asked, kneeling beside her. He put his strong arms around her. “Don’t cry, baby.”

“Why does she stay with that monster?”

“I don’t know, Chloe. I only hope Alex doesn’t go berserk when he sees her tonight. He really cares for her. I don’t know how much more of this he’s going to stand for before he says something to her. Or worse yet, says something to Dante.”

“Why can’t she see that the sweetest, most loving guy around is right in front of her? Alex would do anything for her. Why would she subject herself to the physical and mental abuse she puts up with Dante?”

“Some girls like the bad guys. And maybe she cares enough about Dante that she can’t pull away. I don’t know. I do know the guy is bad news. At the first sign of him causing trouble here, his ass will be grass.”

“I wish I could talk to her about it, but I don’t want to embarrass her,” Chloe said, wiping her eyes with a tissue.

“Maybe in time, she’ll open up to someone here,” Shane replied. “Come on, babe, let’s get you home. Isn’t Marianne coming over to visit a while this afternoon?”

“Yes, she is pampering me like crazy. And, of course, I love every minute of it.”

Chloe’s sister-in-law, Katy, walked in. When she saw Chloe’s red, swollen eyes and splotchy cheeks, she became concerned. “Chloe, is everything all right?”

“I’m fine, just getting ready to grab some work and go back home.”

Katy glanced at Shane and he nodded. “She’s okay, Katy. I’ll fill you in when I get back to the office. It’s nothing to do with the babies.”

“Thank God. Get yourself home where you belong. Marianne will be by to keep you company later, won’t she?”

“Yes, Momma Katy, she will. I swear all of you are like Momma’s to me now.”

Katy grinned. “We all love you like a little sister, Chloe. We wouldn’t have made you a ‘Fab,’ if we didn’t.”

“And I thank my lucky stars every day that the ‘Fab Four’ walked into my restaurant that autumn night a few years ago. My life is so much richer with all of you in it.”

“Chloe, you know we all owe you and Shane a great deal. Without the two of you, where would we all be now? Still in Iowa, Ohio, and Chicago, instead of in Dallas having the time of our lives, I’d imagine.”

“Oh, you would have eventually ended up here, Katy. You and my hot brother-in-law were meant to be, even without my help. Y’all are a match made in heaven. ”

“Okay, girls, enough about my hot, older brother, you’re gonna give me a complex.” Shane chuckled.

“Aw… baby… you’re hot too,” Chloe teased.

“Well, your ‘hot’ hubby is ready to take you home, so get your stuff together and let’s go.”

“He’s right, Chloe. Go home and get some rest. I’ll see you later. I’ll bring dinner on my way home, so no cooking.”

“Yes, Momma Katy,” Chloe replied humbly.

Ryan O’Grady walked in the room. “Shane, may I see you for a minute?”

“Sure, bro. I’m just getting ready to drive Chloe home, will it take long?”

“Katy, honey, would you mind driving her home? I really need to speak to Shane about an urgent matter.”

“Of course I can. Chloe, let’s get you settled and comfy on your couch.” Smiling at her handsome husband, she replied, “I’ll be back soon.”

“Love you, see you later,” Ryan replied.

“Love you, too.” Katy walked out to her car with Chloe, curious about the urgent matter.

On the way to Chloe’s house she asked, “What is going on? I find you crying in Shane’s office. Shane says he’ll fill me in, now Ryan has an urgent matter to discuss with Shane. I feel like I’m in the dark here.”

“I’m not sure what Ryan was talking about, but I’ll tell you why I was crying.”

“What is it, Chloe?”

“When I first got to the office, I went to the employee lounge and the kitchen to say hello to everyone. Chelsea had just come in to start her shift. Oh, Katy, she had another bruise and this time it’s on her face. I think Dante is abusing her.”

“We all know he verbally abuses her, he stands her up, is late for dates, and generally treats her badly. But I had no idea he was physically hurting her, as well. You’ve noticed bruises before?”

“Yes, but on her arms, never on her face. The poor girl tried to disguise it with makeup, but it’s there.”

“Alex will be livid. I think his attraction to her is more than just friendly. I honestly believe my son is in love with the girl.”

“You may be right about that. I wish she’d wise up and see that Alex is a much better choice than Dante. I don’t think she has a clue he’s that gone on her. And I think she’s afraid to break up with Dante.”

“This is bad. I feel sorry for Chelsea, but I worry about Alex getting involved in this mess, if Dante is violent.”

“He’s got all of us behind him. Shane has already said if Dante causes any trouble at the restaurant, he’s in for a rude awakening.”

“Shane will be there tonight, so if Alex is very upset, he’ll know how to handle it.” Katy pulled into Chloe’s driveway, so the conversation came to a halt. She made sure Chloe was safely settled on her sofa with a cup of tea and her work before she left.

“Thanks, Katy.”

“No problem. Marianne should be here soon and I’ll drop by with dinner later. Love you.”

“Love you too, sis.”

I hope you’ll take the time to download and read this story. I believe it will touch your heart and your soul.

It will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AllRomance.com

Book # 6 The Road To Forever will be released by LazyDay Publishing on September 25th. I am currently at work on Book # 7 and it should be released sometime in 2014.

Copy of The-Road-to-Forever-Final small

Until next time…



It’s Almost Here!! Book Two in the Fab Five series!

the road to her heart cover

Welcome back to Anna’s crazy world! The second book in my Fab Five series is almost here. LazyDay Publishing will release The Road to Her Heart on March 20, 2013! For all of you who read the one that started it all, Crossroad to Love, you’ll be happy to know the second story begins right where the first one left off. I know many of you have told me you’ve fallen in love with the Fab Five and can’t wait to follow their lives. I’ll warn you…drama and romance follow them where ever they go.

Crossroad to Love has gotten several 5 star and 4 star reviews on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads. It earned Silver Star status on ARe within four days of release. I’ve been told guys are reading it…and liking it. In fact, guys and gals of all ages are reading it. I’ve been told by people who rarely read romance that they were pleasantly surprised to find they enjoyed it and they are looking forward to the rest of the series.

If you haven’t read it yet, there’s still time to get caught up in the drama before March 20th. Crossroad to Love is available on Amazon, B&N, and ARe as well as http://www.lazydaypub.com, in fact, the buy links are listed on my “Buy Links” page on this blog. All you have to do is copy and paste the link of your choice into your browser and it should take you right to the book.

Without further ado, here’s a glimpse of The Road to Her Heart.


The ‘Fab Five’ are back, but this time, it’s Lizzie’s daughter who is causing all the drama.

Cara Hart is getting married. But there’s a slight problem with the upcoming nuptials. Cara is in love with two men. She loves her fiancé, Caleb, but can’t get over Nick, the one who broke her heart. To make things even more complicated, Caleb and Nick are best friends. Deciding not to waste her life pining for what might have been, Cara goes ahead with the wedding to Caleb. Determined to make the marriage work, she hides her feelings for Nick in the deepest corner of her heart, and moves forward. Finding love and contentment in Caleb’s arms, Cara is certain she has made the right decision. The newlyweds settle into married life, planning to start a family right away. But days after learning she is pregnant, Caleb is killed in a plane crash, leaving a devastated widow behind.


Nick steps up to the plate, comforting Cara during her grief, even asking her to marry him. He offers to help her raise Caleb’s baby. Angry, Cara declines Nick’s offer, believing it to be a pity proposal.


Is she right? Did Nick propose because he felt it was his duty to take care of his dead friend’s wife and child? Or, is it possible that Nick wants a second chance, with the girl he once loved and left? As he travels the road to her heart, will Nick be able to convince Cara to open it and let him back in? 


Chapter One

Katy rolled over and saw the man lying next to her. She looked around the room, spying the trail of clothes on the floor leading from the door to the bed. She smiled, remembering. Am I dreaming again, or did last night really happen? Katy pinched herself, realizing this was no fantasy. Ryan was here, in her bed, in her apartment. Last night really happened… finally.

Katy Barron thought back to the past eight months. She had met Ryan O’Grady last fall, while on a vacation in Dallas, with her three best friends, Angie, Marianne, and Lizzie. The four had been friends since childhood, but had all scattered to different states over the years. The trip had been planned as a reunion and could not have come at a better time. Each of the four women had found herself at a crossroad, needing to make a decision that would affect the rest of her life.

Angie had recently come face-to-face with the man she had divorced fifteen years earlier. He had shown up the day before the trip, the architect assigned to work with her on a renovation project she was spearheading for the QuadCity casino-hotel resort she worked in. She had never gotten over him, but a secret she’d kept had threatened to keep them apart forever. When Angie told Michael the real reason she had set him free was so that he could have a family with someone else, it had looked like they were over for good.  Years ago, she had miscarried while he was out of town, and having been told by the doctor that she would never carry a child to term, she had decided not to tell him, divorcing him, instead. The reason she had given him at the time, was that she wanted to pursue her career. Marriage, and a family, did not fit her plans. Luckily, he was able to forgive her and they were reconciled now.

Lizzie had been suffering from empty nest syndrome. She thought she wanted to work in her husband, Rex’s, ad agency in Columbus, Ohio. She did not know how to broach the subject, when a solution landed in her lap. During that fateful trip to Texas, she had met Chloe O’Grady, co-owner of a restaurant, who needed a new ad campaign. Lizzie had offered to come up with some slogans and had landed the account.

Marianne had believed her husband, handsome Dallas surgeon, Jon Jacobi, was having an affair. She was using the week away from him to decide what to do about it, when it all had come to a head, halfway through the vacation. Jon had shown up at the hotel where she and her friends were staying, followed by the supposed mistress. During the heated arguments that followed, it was discovered that Jon had never betrayed his wife. He was being stalked by the young lady in question.

All of Katy’s friends had gone home from the trip with a happy ending and a bright future, except Katy. She had met, and fallen head over heels for, playboy Ryan O’Grady. She had also secured his restaurant, as a client, for her new interior design business. The job had later led to a permanent position with O’Grady Enterprises, with Katy relocating from Chicago to Dallas. But one night, after professing their mutual feelings for one other, Ryan and Katy discovered that they had a connection from the past. Ryan’s wife and her lover had been in the car that had hit Katy’s husband and little girl head on, killing all four of them. Ryan felt they could never have a relationship after that. Katy had spent the past eight months working with him, and trying to put her feelings for him to rest.

Last night, after the restaurant closed, they had both been working late. Ryan had finally admitted that he still loved her. And he had asked her to marry him. They had made love for the first time, in the private dining room of the restaurant. Afterward, he had come home with her, where they had spent the better part of the night making up for lost time.

“Well, hello there.” Ryan was awake now.

“I just pinched myself, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming,” Katy replied with a smile.

“If you are, then I’m having the same dream and I don’t want to wake up.” He pulled her to him, kissing her, to prove that he was real, this time, and not a dream.

“I love you,” she said, gazing into his brown eyes. The gold fleck in each of his eyes sparkled.

“And I love you, my yellow rose. But right now, I need to make a call.” Putting his finger to his lips, indicating he wished her to stay quiet, he picked up his cell and dialed.

“Hello, Shane. I’m not going to be in today. I have some personal things to take care of… Yes, that’s right. And by the way, Katy won’t be at work today, either. She worked pretty late last night, so I gave her day off… Gotta go, Bro. Bye.”

Katy stifled a giggle. “What did he say?” Shane was Ryan’s younger brother. Ryan, Shane, and Shane’s wife, Chloe, co-owned a restaurant named Chloe’s Place. They recently had expanded the original restaurant. They were in the process of building a corporate office, as well as several chain restaurants, across the country. Shane handled the finances, Chloe was in charge of menus and chefs, and Ryan was handling the openings of the new restaurants. Katy was their decorator.

“He said okay, and I said goodbye before he had a chance to ask any questions. We’ll surprise them with the news, later, but first we need to go shopping.” He lifted her left hand, adding, “I want the whole world to know you’re mine, so we’re buying a ring today.”

“I only need you. I don’t have to have an engagement ring.”

“But you’re getting me and a ring, so don’t complain.” He laughed as the gold flecks in his beautiful brown eyes flickered once more.

“Okay, Boss, whatever you say.”

“You’ll find that being Mrs. Ryan O’Grady comes with a few privileges.”

“There’s only one privilege I’m interested in. I think you know what that is, after last night.”

“Don’t tempt me, baby, or we’ll never get out of this bed today. You get in the shower, while I make breakfast. Now scoot.” He pretended to push her out of bed, as she forced herself to get up.

A short while later, when Katy walked into the dining room of her Frisco, Texas apartment, breakfast was already on the table. Ryan had prepared ham and cheese omelets and toast. He was pouring coffee into mugs as she sat down.

 “I could get used to this real fast.”

“Well, I do own a restaurant, you know,” he teased. “And I intend to pamper you, my yellow rose. I’ve wasted too much time, holding you at arm’s length.”

He had given her the nickname of his yellow rose because that is what she had reminded him of, the day they’d met. She had walked into the restaurant for a meeting, wearing a pale yellow dress. That had been the day she had bowled him over, with her decorating ideas, and her charm.

As they dove into the scrumptious omelets he had prepared, they discussed how they would tell their families and friends, about their engagement and upcoming marriage. They came up with a plan and finished their meal. She made phone calls, while he loaded the dishwasher.

Katy called her son, Alex, first, and then her parents. They were all, of course, elated for her.

Next, she dialed the number of her friend, Lizzie, in Ohio. As she waited for Lizzie to answer, she blew a kiss to Ryan. Damn, he looks good, working in my kitchen.

“Hello.” Lizzie’s voice came on the line.

“Lizzie, it’s Katy. How are you?”

“I’m fine, just going crazy helping Cara with this wedding of hers.” Lizzie laughed. Her only daughter was getting married soon, a source of concern, as she was marrying a virtual stranger, and not the boy everyone had expected her to spend her life with.

“How’s that situation going?”

“We’re going to meet his parents this weekend. I guess we’re just going to have to accept the fact, once and for all, that Nick isn’t going to be our son-in-law.” Lizzie and Rex had both been disappointed that their daughter was not marrying her long time boyfriend, Nick. Instead, she was planning a wedding with his college roommate and good friend, Caleb Walters.

“I’m so sorry this has been so confusing for you. But I have some news that may cheer you up.”

“What’s that?”

“Ryan and I got engaged, last night.” Katy waited for the scream and was not disappointed.

“Finally, I had begun to think it wasn’t going to happen. How did it all take place?”

Katy gave her a quick description of the proposal, adding, “Mum’s the word, if you talk to Mari. We’re going to tell her at dinner.”

“Okay. I wish I could be there.”

“I do, too. I have to go now, I need to call Angie. Give my love to the family.”

“Okay, bye, Katy.”

Next, Katy called Angie, in Iowa. Her reaction was similar to Lizzie’s.

Now, it was time to call Marianne and Jon. Marianne answered on the third ring. “Hello.”

“Mari, hi, it’s Katy. I was wondering if you and Jon could join me for dinner, at the restaurant tonight.”

“Let me check with Jon, he hasn’t left for the hospital yet.” She came back on the phone and said, “We can be there about seven-thirty. Will that work for you?”

“That’s perfect. I’ll see you both then. I have to run now.”

As Marianne hung up the phone, she said to her husband, “I wonder what that was all about.”

“Katy probably needs some friend time. It has to be hard for her to work with Ryan, every day, with nothing happening in the romance department. She really has it bad for the guy. And he’s about as stupid as they come, for not latching on to her.”

“I agree, but you know, there’s a lot of baggage there. I thought when she moved out here, though, things might change.”

“Got to run, Babe, I’ll see you tonight.” Jon kissed Marianne goodbye, leaving her to the rest of her day.

That’s all I’m going to share with you for now…

Don’t forget to grab your copy of Crossroad to Love if you haven’t yet, so you can see how it all started.

On the 17th, I’ll be featuring fellow Rebel author, Helen Ogrodnick as she celebrates the release of her debut romance. 

And on the 21st, fellow LazyDay author, Anastasia Vitsky, will be stopping by to tell us about her new bestseller!

Fellow Rebel author, Jane Wakely, will be here on the 25th, so it’s a full month in Anna’s world and you won’t want to miss any of it.

I’ll also be sharing some teasers about my April release from Rebel Ink Press, Sunny’s Love.

Until then, happy reading and see you soon.

Love, Anna 🙂    

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