Anna’s World Without Internet…yikes!

crossroad-to-love-cover small  Well, it’s been a while since I’ ve been able to post on my blog, due to internet issues at home. A new modem is on its way so hopefully I will be back up and running soon. I’ve had to be creative with promoting and keeping up. To a writer with a new release coming up, a world with no internet is a stressful one, indeed. Today, I’m sitting at the hospital with my laptop trying to catch up a little, while the hubby is undergoing tests. These are follow up tests to determine if the immunotherapy treatments he had in October worked or not.

How was your holiday? We had family in from Texas, had a good time. There were some highlights, the grandbabies were all happy with their gifts. Five year old grandson asked for a looking glass…LOL…this is what he calls a magnifying glass. He plays with mine every time he’s in my writing cave. Of course, Santa put one in his stocking and he loved it. The simple things that child asks for would melt your heart. He was probably as happy with that small gift as with anything else he received. My nephew surprised his girlfriend with a beautiful, diamond ‘promise’ ring. Ah…young love! He and his girlfriend are both photographers, so this author took advantage of having the two of them in town and we did a photo shoot. Will have some new photos soon to use for promoting.

On the writing front, I have been very busy with edits, edits, and more edits. In less than three weeks, my debut romance, Crossroad to Love, will be released from Lazy Day Publishing. This is the first in a series. I posted the blurb on this blog a few weeks ago and will do so again soon. Look for it on January sixteenth!

On February third, Rebel Ink Press will release another romance of mine, this one NOT part of the series, Unlikely Lovers.

Stay warm and safe until we meet again. Have  a very happy New Year and next time, maybe we can talk about New Year resolutions. Do you have any? Feel free to share.



Yes, Anna, it’s a Crazy World Out There

Crossroad Cover 3D

Welcome back to Anna’s world. It’s been a busy week for me. It’s been a sad one as well, in the face of the tragedy at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut. My heart goes out to the families, teachers, students and community. May they find comfort in knowing an entire nation shares their sorrow and is praying for them.

I’ve been busy with more editing, getting ready for release dates. I was interviewed on Nikki Lynn Barrett’s blog the other day and will be interviewed on some other blogs in the coming weeks. Watch my Facebook page for details.

After the holidays are behind us, I am going to open up my blog to guest authors. I’ll be putting out a call to anyone who wants to do an interview on my blog!! I’ve even got my interview questions all ready for them!

I have the release date for the first romance in my Fab Five series from Lazy Day Publishing. I am happy to announce that Crossroad to Love will be available as an e-book on January 16, 2013. And just a few weeks later, on February 3, 2013, Rebel Ink Press will be releasing another of my romances, not part of the series, Unlikely Lovers. They can be found on the Amazon and Barnes Noble sites as well as the publisher’s sites. I’ll post the links when I get them.

Here’s the Blurb from Crossroad to Love to give you a little taste…yum:

Pretty, petite Katy Barron is ready for a change. Having spent the past ten years as a single mom after a tragic accident claimed the lives of her husband and daughter, she is ready to move on. Her son has started college and the time has come for Katy to concentrate on the next chapter in her life. Planning to meet her three best friends in Dallas for a week long vacation, she discovers that she is not the only one who is at a crossroad. And when the Fab Four walk into the upscale Dallas restaurant, Chloe’s Place, and meet the owners, life will never be the same for any of them. Sexy widower Ryan O’Grady is an infamous playboy about town and he co-owns the downtown restaurant with his brother, Shane, and Shane’s wife, Chloe. Katy’s friends, Lizzie, Angie, and Marianne will each find the answers they are seeking on that fateful trip. But Katy is about to embark on a whole new adventure. She is immediately attracted to handsome hunk, Ryan, and the feeling appears to be mutual. But when the two discover a link they share to the past, it threatens to end the relationship before it begins. Broken-hearted, Katy returns to her home in Chicago, but a surprise job offer may be the answer she is looking for. Will she be able to convince Ryan to throw caution to the wind and let go of the past? Or will her drastic decisions bring even more heartbreak to the spunky widow as she attempts to rebuild her life?

Got the cover for Crossroad to Love this week too and it’s gorgeous! I’ve had so many compliments on it. Thanks, Brett Poinier, at Lazy Day! You rock!

And then there’s Christmas…yikes…I still have five gifts to buy. I’d better get on that…

Have a great week reading, baking, shopping, wrapping and let’s meet back here next week again. Until then.



Edits and More in Anna’s Crazy Life


I can’t believe another week has flown by. As usual, it’s been a busy one in Anna’s crazy world.

I received my very first set of edits…ever. A bit scary, but not so bad. A lot of questions I’ve had while writing were answered for me. I finished the edits on “Crossroad to Love” tonight, finally, and sent them off to my Lazy Day editor with fingers crossed. Now if I can just remember everything I learned from those edits the next time I sit down to write.

I’ve been told to expect my edits for “Unlikely Lovers” this week, so you know what I’ll be doing every night after work again this week. I hope to get those sent back to my editor at Rebel Ink Press next weekend so I can concentrate on finishing my Christmas shopping.

And, yes, I did finally get my house decorated for the holidays. I came home from work one evening to discover that my husband had put up the tree. So all I had to do was finish the rest of the house!

And the most exciting news of the week…drumroll…please. This afternoon, I received the contract for “Remember Our Promise” from Rebel Ink Press. If you’ll remember, this is the novel I wrote last month for NaNoWriMo. The story that just wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote it, the story I love, love, love so much. Yeah, that one. It should be released in the summer. 🙂

I’m still at work on the fourth book in my “Fab Five” series, in between editing, working, and getting ready for Christmas. I am anxiously awaiting my cover for the first in the series, “Crossroad to Love.” The release date is getting closer…January…finally! I’ll share the cover with you just as soon as I get it.

So, how are your holiday preparations coming along?

Please keep in mind the true meaning of the holiday as you are busy decorating, baking, and shopping. I wish you all a very blessed and happy holiday this year.

Until next week…



Just Another Week in My Crazy World


Kalb Christmas 2010 003



Welcome back, so glad we could meet again this week.

I’ve been writing like a madwoman. I got really into the newest story line and have the fourth book of my Fab Five series over halfway finished. I’ve spent almost the entire weekend working on it and am pleased with how it’s progressing so far.

As for Remember Our Promise, the sweet and sexy one I submitted recently, I’ll have some news to share with you soon. 🙂

We made a trip back to the hospital in Indy. We didn’t exactly get the news we were hoping to hear, but we’ll see what happens when we return at the end of the month.

I’m getting really psyched about the release of Crossroad to Love, in January. It will be my first release and the closer we get to the actual release date, the more excited I become!

I’ll be sure and keep you posted on the date.

And then there’s Christmas…yes…it’s December. The busiest time of the year. My shopping is not finished and my decorations are not up. Those who know me well can tell you how unusual this is for me. But since I’ve become serious about my writing, all other things have just pretty much gone out the window…LOL.

We are expecting family in from out of state for the holidays, so at some point, I will get in gear and get it all done but for now, I’m content to continue writing and editing. Since the world of writing has opened up for me, I just can’t seem to get enough of it.

I’ve been asked to guest on some Christmas oriented blogs and when answering the interview questions, I recalled Christmas’s past. The sweet memories made me smile. Tell me, what are some of your favorite Christmas memories?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Until next week, happy decorating and happy shopping and please, let’s not forget the true meaning of the holiday!and let me know…