And The Craziness Continues…

Hello and welcome back to Anna’s world, where the craziness never ends, it seems.

It’s been a very productive week and an exciting one, to say the least. Earlier in the week, while in an all day meeting at the day job, we were having a break and I went in search of coffee, in order to stay awake for the remainder of the meeting. When I returned, my friend and co-worker told me that an email had come through on my phone in my absence. She said it was about a manuscript. Now mind you, I had been waiting all day to get said email and the fact that I had left my phone at the table just goes to show you how rattled I’ve been. Of course, I didn’t believe her, as I knew that she knew I was waiting for this all important email. However, I couldn’t resist and had to look at it and…you guessed it. It was a contract from Lazy Day Publishing for the manuscript I had submitted the week before!! It’s official now, the third book in my Fab Five series will be out in May! The Road To His Soul follows Crossroad To Love in January and The Road To Her Heart in March.

As if that wasn’t excitement enough, on Friday evening, I finished my NaNoWriMo novel. This is the 50,000 word novel you are supposed to write in 30 days. Well, I have over 53,000 words and it was finished in 16 days. Whew! Although this particular story pretty much wrote itself. I believe that I was only along for the ride. This is the one that invaded my mind while I was finishing The Road To His Soul and wouldn’t leave me alone until I stopped and typed up the outline for it. Every once in a blue moon,  a storyline just hits you and this was one of those. I knew from Day One exactly what was going to take place throughout the story and how it would end. Now generally I know how it starts, the main plot and the ending but have to come up with interesting events along the way to fill in the middle. Not with Remember Our Promise. Every detail was screaming at me to put it on paper.  And actually this one started out with a different title but I changed it because the publisher I want to submit it to just released one with a title similar to mine. My daughter came up with the new title and I love it! After a bit of polishing, this one will be going off to the editor to see if she loves it as much as I do.

Today I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 with five friends from work and loved it!

What’s next for Anna?  Well, after polishing and submitting Remember Our Promise,  I am expecting my edits to come in for Crossroad To Love, so will be busy with those. The edits for Unlikely Lovers should be making their way to me from Rebel Ink Press shortly after that and I will be starting the fourth romance in the Fab Five  series, so you see, the craziness just goes on and on and on…and I’m loving every second of it!

Until next week, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to give thanks for all you hold dear and for all the wonderful things in your life and meet me back here next week for an update on the happenings in Anna’s Crazy World.


Anna 🙂

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