The Book That Wrote Itself…

remember-our-promise-jpeg.jpgWelcome back to Anna’s World!! I’m so excited this week!! This is the week Remember Our Promise will make its debut. I’ve often talked about this story. It’s one of my favorites and for good reason. The storyline and characters popped into my head one night as I was putting the finishing touches on one of my other books. It wouldn’t leave me alone…the characters were literally screaming at me to tell their story. I finally had to stop, type up the outline, which I did from start to finish, and then return to the other book.

When the other book was finished, it was nearly time for NaNoWriMo to begin. I’d never taken part in it before and when another author encouraged me to do so, I thought, “What the heck?” For those of you who don’t know, National Novel Writing Month begins at midnight on November first and runs through the entire month. The goal is to write a 50K novel in thirty days. At midnight on November first I was sitting in a hospital room at IU Med Center in Indianapolis with my husband, who was undergoing treatments for cancer. I pulled out my laptop and began the story. I continued to write and when we went home, I wrote some more. The story was literally writing itself…I was only along for the ride…and it was finished in sixteen days. Something almost unheard of, and certainly a new experience for me.

I sent it to Rebel Ink Press, one of my publishers, and I received a contract for the story. I went back and self-edited it, using the things my editor, Dawn, had taught me in previous books’ edits and sent it back in. When I received Dawn’s edits, there were only a few minor punctuation issues to be corrected. This book was truly a once in a lifetime achievement for me.

I absolutely LOVE the story, and the characters, and I sincerely hope that you will too. Rebel Ink Press will release it later this week and it will be available at Amazon, B&N, and

Here’s the Blurb for Remember Our Promise:

Lily Wells has been in love with David Black since she was fifteen years old. When she was eighteen, he broke her heart, leaving her with a promise that the year they turned thirty, if neither was married, they would find a way to reconnect. As fate would have it, twelve years later, while she is in her hometown for her grandmother’s funeral, she runs into David.

 Still as breathtakingly handsome as ever, now a prominent Texas attorney, he makes it clear he’s a confirmed bachelor. After one perfect, romantic weekend together, Lily returns to her job as the acquisitions editor for a New York City publishing house, knowing that a life with David is still her heart’s desire.

 Believing that to him she’s only one of his many female companions and that he has no recollection of the promise she’s clung to for the past twelve years, she goes on with her life in the Big Apple. She and David remain in contact with each other, however, seemingly growing closer. Will he break her heart a second time or is it possible that she’s misreading the signs?

And here’s an excerpt:

“We’re young and we have our whole lives ahead of us. We should take a break from each other, at least for a while.”

She looked at him in disbelief. “What exactly are you trying to tell me, David?”

“We have four years of college ahead of us in different states. How are we going to see each other?  We’ll be thousands of miles away from each other. Neither of us needs to be tied down right now.”

“Are you breaking up with me?” she asked, not believing the words she was hearing.

“Don’t you think it makes sense?” He looked at her with a serious look on his face and gently removed her hand from his thigh. He lifted her hand to his lips and planted a tender kiss on her palm.

“No, I don’t. I will always find a way to be with you. We can email and call and get together on holidays,” she argued vehemently.

“Lily Beth, think about it. You’ll be in Chicago and I’ll be in Dallas. We may not even be home at the same times. Yes, we can still email and call, but what kind of life would either of us have if we have to be apart for all important school functions. We won’t be able to attend any of those together. I think it’s for the best that we stay in touch but agree to see other people.”

As tears welled up in her amethyst-gray eyes, she replied, “If that’s the way you want it, then fine. Don’t feel obligated to stay in touch.”

“Babe, don’t talk like that.” He leaned over to kiss her.

She tried to pull away but he pulled her to him. She gave in to the kiss, losing herself in it as she always did. When he released her she said, “I love you, David, and I always will.”

“You think that now but you don’t know that once you get to Illinois you won’t meet someone else.”

“I won’t ever love anyone as much as I love you,” she answered softly.

“Then let’s make a promise.”

“What kind of promise?” she asked, looking at him warily.

“In twelve years, when we both turn thirty, we’ll find a way to reconnect.” He caressed her cheek and went on. “If we’re both unattached then we’ll find out if this is the real thing or not. And if it is, I’ll buy you the prettiest diamond engagement ring I can find and we’ll get married, just like you want.”

“Twelve years?” She looked at him as if she thought he had lost his mind.

“Yes, Lily Beth, that gives us plenty of time to finish school, establish our careers, and experiment with dating other people, maybe even see the world a little,” he stated seriously.

“Shall we shake on it?” she proposed sarcastically.

“How about we kiss on it?” he asked as he took her in his strong arms again. 

And there you have it…a young couple saying goodbye, but making a promise to each other…will they fulfill that promise? Or is this really goodbye? You’ll have to read the book to find out!   See you again soon…Love, AnnaRebel Ink Press


Helen visits Anna…

Dear Elvira

Wow! Welcome back to Anna’s world. It’s been another amazing week for me! Book 3 in my Fab Five series from LazyDay Publishing, The Road To His Soul, was released and is already getting 5 ***** star reviews, I received a new cover for my Aug. 3 release, Remember Our Promise, from Rebel Ink Press and I was told the paperback version of Sunny’s Love is almost ready for release!! What a fantastic week in Anna’s World! I held a contest at my release party to get ideas for titles for the next Fab Five series book, and the winner actually was a tie…there were two winners, Ginger Ring, with The Road To Paradise, and Jennifer Zander Wilck, with The Road Not Taken. You will most likely see these titles in the near future…

And today, the amazing Helen Ogrodnick, is back with another new Rebel release! If you’ll remember, Helen had her first book published a few months ago at the tender age of 77. She has now had her 78th birthday and is still writing. Her second release from Rebel Ink Press, Dear Elvira, is doing great and she has another one coming out this summer.

She’s going to let us have a sneak peak at Dear Elvira and I, for one, can’t wait to read this one.


Matt Joplin is a small town boy who moved to the city after graduating from high school in small town Texas. Fortunate to land a job at the city newspaper, Matt developed close friendships with some of the other employees and was asked to join their bowling team. At the lanes he met an older gentleman and his granddaughter, a family whose values made a lasting impression on him. 

When Matt’s given a special assignment by his editor, the nature of which was to remain a secret, Matt and two colleagues are sent to a nearby town to cover an breaking story and Matt decides he wants to use his job to make a difference in the lives of people less fortunate than him.

And then there’s the matter of a certain girl…

See what I mean? Sounds like a winner. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Helen’s blog, I encourage you to take the time to stop by. Here’s the link:

And here are the links to purchase Dear Elvira:


Barnes & Noble:


Be sure and check out Helen and her books!

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend as we remember those who gave their lives in the line of duty, and others who’ve passed from our lives.

To all the 2013 graduates, best of luck to all of you as you end one phase of your lives and enter into the next one.

Until next week, when Jess Hunter will be my guest. In case you didn’t know, Jess is the younger brother of author Sable Hunter, and he’s writing now. He’ll be here to answer some questions and to tell us about his new release. You can’t miss that!


Anna 🙂

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Save A Tree…Read An E-Book…Or Two…Or…

EarthDayHop_ButtonWelcome to Anna’s World once again. I’m pleased to be a part of Rebel Ink Press’s Earth Day Blog Hop this year, along with several other Rebel authors. Since it’s Earth Day, what better way to get your green on than to read an e-book? Since I became involved in the world of e-books this year, many people have asked why are my books e-books, what’s the big thing with e-readers etc… I’ll have to admit, I was a paperback/hardback reader myself, like a lot of my readers. Since discovering my kindle, though, I rarely pick up anything else. Amazingly, many of my family and friends bought Nooks and Kindles solely for the purpose of downloading MY books and have told me they love them and don’t know why they waited so long to make the purchase. I always tell people that are still hesitant to use the free kindle app, before purchasing one. and most of them find they love it. Of course, there will always be those who actually want the feel of a “book” in their hands when they read, and that’s fine, but think of all the paper being saved, and think of all the stories you can carry around with you on your e-reader when you travel. Think about how many “books” you’d have to carry in its place…now I’ll bet you never thought of that, did you?

I have a couple of suggestions for that Nook or Kindle of yours. Rebel Ink Press has released two of my romances so far this year with a few more coming later in the year. Let’s talk about the two already out. One or both of them may be just the kind of read you’re looking for. I write contemporary romance, a sweeter sexy read, not erotica. Don’t let that stop you, though, because I’ve had readers who only normally read paranormal, or DD, or mystery, or Sci-Fi, tell me they read one of my books as a favor to me or out of curiosity, or for something different. Guess what-yep-you guessed it…they were pleasantly surprised to find it was a refreshing change of pace for them. I’ve had erotica readers tell me they loved my stories, they’re sweet, sexy, romantic, hot, real old-fashioned romance. One reader said after reading Sunny’s Love, “Vanilla will never be the same.” So no matter what your normal style of reading may be, step out of the norm, go green, read an e-book with a little different flavor than what you’re used to. You might find you like it!

UnlikelyLovers_CoverUNLIKELY LOVERS

When Army Major Jessica Walsh meets local factory worker, Cody Jones, she finds herself staring straight into the eyes of the man who’s been haunting her dreams for the past few nights. Fresh from a breakup with her cheating ex, Jessica sets out to seduce the sexy brown-eyed man in the hopes of a brief rebound affair. Getting more than she bargained for, she falls in love with him, but has kept a secret about who she really is.


On the night she plans to tell him the truth, Cody plans to propose. But before either of those things can take place, they run into Jessica’s ex, who cruelly spills the beans. Angry and heartbroken, Cody ends the relationship, turning to a bottle for comfort. Jessica’s hurt, she accepts his decision. While they find they can’t stay away from each other, they can’t seem to work out their differences, either. Will the unlikely lovers be able to overcome the obstacles in their lives and find their happy ever after?

***Author Note:  Yes, Jessica and Cody soon find out that half-truths and deceit are the quickest way to end a relationship, no matter how strong the attraction…follow their journey as they attempt to rebuild their lives after sweet, passionate love and devastating heartbreak. Will they do it apart…or together… or will they destroy each other in the process?  Walks around the lake, enjoying the beautiful, green scenery, the trees, water, and mountains are a favorite with these two, by the way.

Buy Links for Unlikely Lovers:





sunnys-love-cover.jpgAnd my latest Rebel release and one that I’ve had a lot of readers tell me they absolutely LOVED…is…Sunny’s Love. I know if you’ve been following my blog, I’ve posted quite a few times about this book, but as more and more readers contact me personally and tell me how much they liked it, I feel others need to be given the opportunity to know a little about it…so I’ve posted a few excerpts…in last week’s post and one a few weeks before that. Feel free to check those out. Here’s the Blurb for SUNNY’S LOVE.

Sunny Drake has had a few bad years.  First she lost her beloved father. Then her long time boyfriend married someone else.  Now the doctor she works for is retiring. When Sunny meets widowed, restaurant mogul Chase Dupont, who is suddenly in need of a nanny, she agrees to take the job, never dreaming the journey it will lead her on.


To save his business from being taken over by another company, Chase asks Sunny to marry him. It will be a marriage of convenience but it will be for life. She agrees since she’s already in love with him. But can she make him love her, too?


When Sunny suffers a fall and lies unconscious for days, Chase realizes all he’s ever wanted is Sunny’s Love. But a mystery begins to unravel as they realize Sunny’s fall wasn’t an accident. Someone is trying to murder her. Will Sunny and Chase get the chance to admit their true feelings to each other?  Or is it too late?

 ***Author Note:  Sunny and Chase, ah…not your ordinary couple, but the heat between the two of them is undeniable. From walks on a sunny Florida beach to Sunny’s solitary walks in the woods behind their Des Moines home, they know how to enjoy the beauty of nature. Find out why readers of many other genres are loving this book. A little bit sweet, a little bit sexy, and a little bit of mystery thrown in.

Buy Links for Sunny’s Love:




Don’t forget to check out all my fellow Rebel authors on the rest of the hop. And did I hear something about Giveaways? Why yes, I think I did. For starters, I’m giving away an e-book copy of Sunny’s Love. All you have to do is comment on this post. At the end of the week, I’ll choose a winner. Leave your email address in the comment so I can get in touch with  you if you’re the lucky winner.

There’s also some fabulous swag and a kindle paperwhite to be given away.

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As always, thanks for stopping by. Come back to Anna’s world anytime where I’m usually talking about my crazy life as a writer, or telling you about one of my books. Every once in awhile, someone stops by to chat and I’ll have a few guests in the next few weeks so you’re not going to want to miss that!!

Until then,

Love, Anna 🙂

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Sunny’s Love…A Little Bit Sweet…A Little Bit Sexy


Sunny’s Love has been out for two weeks now…and I’ve gotten such good feedback from it, I felt I had to give you another excerpt from it just in case you haven’t had a chance to read it yet…

Some of the comments I’ve gotten from readers:

“Vanilla will never be the same.”

“A sweet, yet hot read.”

“Not my normal read, I’m into paranormal and DD but I really liked this one.”

“Sexy and Sweet”

“I wish my love life was as sweet and romantic as this book.”

“Old-fashioned romance.”


Here’s the Blurb:

Sunny Drake has had a few bad years.  First she lost her beloved father. Then her long time boyfriend married someone else.  Now the doctor she works for is retiring. When Sunny meets widowed, restaurant mogul Chase Dupont, who is suddenly in need of a nanny, she agrees to take the job, never dreaming the journey it will lead her on.


To save his business from being taken over by another company, Chase asks Sunny to marry him. It will be a marriage of convenience but it will be for life. She agrees since she’s already in love with him. But can she make him love her, too?


When Sunny suffers a fall and lies unconscious for days, Chase realizes all he’s ever wanted is Sunny’s Love. But a mystery begins to unravel as they realize Sunny’s fall wasn’t an accident. Someone is trying to murder her. Will Sunny and Chase get the chance to admit their true feelings to each other?  Or is it too late?

And here’s a teaser:

“Sunny, I don’t know how to begin…” He looked her square in the eyes, took another sip of wine, and went on. “I told you a large chain is trying to take over my company, but I didn’t tell you everything. The company is owned by a man and his daughter, Lindy. Lindy has been trying to get me in her bed since before Brittney died. My guess is she plans to convince me to marry her. After she gets her claws in my company, she’ll divorce me, leaving me with nothing.”

“That’s horrible, are you sure that’s what she’s up to? Maybe she genuinely wants you.”

“There’s nothing genuine about Lindy, believe me. But being the sweet person that you are, you probably wouldn’t understand that. I’ve been on to her for a long time, hopefully she doesn’t realize that.”

“I see. Is there more? Where do I fit into this bizarre scene?”

“Ah…here comes the part I’m unsure of. I’m not unsure of the plan, or of my part in it. I’m just unsure of how to best present it to you. I don’t know how you’ll react to what I’m about to ask you.”

“I’m listening,” she said, gently urging him to continue.

“I need to get married.”

“I see,” Sunny said, shock not quite a strong enough word to describe her feelings.

“Sunny, did you think about what I’d asked you to? Did you think about what you wanted to do in your future?”

“Yes, I did, and I came up with nothing. The past few years were tough. I lost my dad, Scott broke up with me, he married someone else, and Dr. Rose retired. I was lost as to what to do next, when you showed up out of the blue and offered me a dream job. I accepted on the spot and have not regretted it for one minute. I love taking care of your children and I had no plans to move on anytime soon, but if you’re planning to get married, I guess I need to start thinking about what comes next.”

“Sunny, I don’t think you understand.” Chase set down his glass and took her hands in his.

“I want to marry you.”


“It would be a marriage-of-convenience, so to speak, a business arrangement. I trust you, Sunny. I trust you with my children, with my business, and with my life. I can’t think of anyone more suited. Your name would immediately be added to the business, no one could get it away from you, should something ever happen to me. You and the children would be protected. I’ve drawn up all the paperwork and added you to my will, that’s what I was doing in Des Moines this week. You would want for nothing, Sunny. You would enjoy all the privileges of being Mrs. Chase Dupont. All the privileges you want, of course, I’m not expecting you to jump in my bed the first night. Over time, who knows? You would be protected and well taken care of for the rest of your life. But that’s the catch. It would be for the rest of your life, Sunny. I won’t put my children through a divorce after they’ve lost their natural mother. You’d have to agree to stay with me. You would be my wife and their mother. And in the eyes of the world, no matter what goes on behind closed doors, we would be the perfect newlywed couple, madly in love with each other. I will be faithful to you, no matter what and I would expect the same from you.”

“Wow…I never imagined this was the plan. How will this save your company?”

“For starters, Lindy won’t be able to continue with her plan. She’ll have to come up with a new one. And with your name on the company and with you on the Board of Directors, she and her father won’t only be fighting me, they’ll be fighting both of us. I want to share it all with you, Sunny. Do you think there’s any way you can consider it?  I know I’m asking a lot, but I think we could make it work. I respect you, Sunny, and we get along well. The children love you. I’ll give you time to think about it, of course, but time is of the essence.” He looked into her eyes, once more, his gaze deeply penetrating.

“I don’t need to think about it. I’ll do it. I’ll marry you, Chase.” Her eyes met his and she smiled. If he only knew how much I wish this was a real proposal. At least I won’t have to worry about his ever being with another woman. He said he’d be faithful. And the pretending to the rest of the world certainly won’t be hard for me to do.

“Are you absolutely certain this is what you want? You do understand you’re making a lifelong commitment to me, Sunny.”

“I understand, Chase.”

“In that case, I picked up something for you in Des Moines before I left today. I hope you like it.” He took a small box from his pocket and opened it, revealing an exquisite diamond engagement ring. It was set in white-gold. The center diamond was large, with two smaller diamonds on either side of it. He removed it, took her left hand, and slipped it on her third finger. He got down on one knee and said, “Sunny Drake, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? Will you consent to be mine for the rest of your life?”

“I will, Chase.” Am I dreaming?

He kissed her, a short kiss, but still a kiss to seal the deal. It was better than a handshake anyway.

“We need to make plans, Sunny. I want to announce our engagement as soon as possible. We’ll need to tell the children, our mothers, and the staff first, of course. Then we need to talk about the ceremony. It needs to be small and soon.”

“That’s all fine, but one thing I will insist on, if I may.”

“What’s that, Sunny?”

“I don’t want to be married at City Hall. I want to be married in a church, with a minister officiating. Even if this isn’t a traditional marriage, I want that.”

There you go! Even if a sweet mainstream isn’t your normal read, this has a little bit of heat, along with a little attempted murder mystery to go along with it. Why not give it a try? The sweet nanny and the hot boss…could make for a lot of heat along the way…as long as someone doesn’t get in the way…and end it all.


Buy Links for Sunny’s Love:

Don’t forget The Way To The Heart is now available! Rebel authors sharing their favorite recipes with a portion of the proceeds going to Heifer International!

And next week, Angelica Dawson will be here chatting about her new release! You won’t want to miss that! Until then…Love, Anna 🙂


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Meet Helen Ogrodnick, Rebel Ink Press author

Jami's Dilemma

Welcome back to Anna’s world. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a friend, and fellow Rebel author, Helen Ogrodnick. Helen’s debut romance novel will be released on March 17, just two days after her 78th birthday. That’s right, Helen is 78 years old. I’ve had several conversations with this remarkable lady and can’t begin to tell you how amazing she is. When I asked her about her writing she told me she writes to keep her mind sharp. A wife, mother of six, grandmother, and great-grandmother, I’d say she probably has a lot of stories waiting to be written, wouldn’t you? In fact she’s shared a few hilarious things with me that have happened to her over the years so I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t another book or two waiting in the wings somewhere…

Helen hails from the Lone Star state, one of my favorite places in the country. 🙂 She grew up in Amherst, Texas and still has family there. These days, she makes her home  in Warrior Run, Pennsylvania with her husband of fifty-seven years, Walter. In fact, Helen will be featured in The Weekender, a weekly newspaper in the Wilkes-Barre area next week. I asked her today if she is getting excited about her book release and she said, “Yes, very!” I think we can all relate to that feeling, can’t we?

How would you like a sample of Helen’s novel?  This is Jami’s Dilemma…enjoy

Jami Peterson was born the daughter of a very wealthy peach farmer and raised by a housekeeper given her mother died in childbirth. Never allowed to have friends, Jami’s dad reasoned the only cause anyone would have to get near his daughter was his money. As a result, Jami was very lonely and felt that her life had no meaning.

Invited on a business trip with her father, Jami took a walk around the hotel where they were staying. When she passed a construction site, one of the construction workers, Leland, whistled at her. A new experience for Jami, she stopped and talked with him. Later that evening they met and shared a soda, decided to become pen pals given Jami would soon be leaving.

Jami kept her newfound friend a secret from her father. And while the letters between Jami and Leland grew more passionate over time, her life at home was becoming more and more unbearable.  So on her eighteenth birthday, Jami left home—without her father’s permission—and straight into the arms of a man who held a lifetime of promise.  Will Jami find love and discover her happily ever after?

Jami’s Dilemma will be available March 17 on Amazon, B&N, ARe, and Bookstrand

You can find Helen on Facebook and Twitter (@momogrod) and she has a blog:

Best of luck to you, Helen!!! Release day is one of the most exciting things for a new author…enjoy your day.

I’ll have Anastasia Vitsky dropping by on the 21st to tell us about her newest release so stop by to see what she has to say. Knowing Ana, it will be outrageous. And on the 25th, Jane Wakely will be here.

See you next time, have a great week.

Love, Anna 🙂

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Rebel Authors Cookbook, The Way to the Heart, coming April 17!!!!

CookBook_Cover200.300.jpg             Recently, twenty-six of Rebel Ink Press’s authors (including yours truly) got together and shared their favorite recipes and a little bit about themselves. The cookbook, The Way to the Heart, will be released in e-book and paperback on April 17, 2013. Read the blurb below to find out about this exciting event!

              Through the ages food has been seen as a way to commune with others, bringing fellowship to the table while nourishing the body. Food is key in celebration and in honoring. It’s also been commonly widespread everything from asparagus to honey to chocolate and oysters hold aphrodisiacal properties. But we at Rebel Ink Press believe not only is food nourishment for the body and fuel for romance, cooking is one of the sexiest and most nurturing things one can do for another.

                 It’s the way to the heart.

                 Rebel Ink Press presents The Way to the Heart, a collection of recipes from twenty-six Rebel writers, our charitable project for 2013. For every copy sold a charitable donation will be made to help nurture families and communities around the world through Heifer International.

Thank you for your purchase. By opening your heart, you’ll find the way to someone else’s.

Be sure and check it out! Even Anna cooks occasionally…

I’ll be back soon to share with you the cover art, blurbs, and teasers from my upcoming releases. I’ve also got a great line-up of interviews scheduled for the month of March. Stay tuned for info from Helen Ogrodnick, and Jane Wakely, fellow Rebel authors, and the unforgettable Anastasia Vitsky, who is a fellow LazyDay author. We’ll be talking about their upcoming releases. And I’m going to be interviewed on a great new blog by Tamara Hoffa and Beverly Ovalle on the 5th. So as you can see, life is still crazy in Anna’s world, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  🙂

Until next time, have a great week, and keep reading! Hope the weather where you are is not too bad.


Anna 🙂