The Road To Forever…

Copy of The-Road-to-Forever-FinalThe Road To Forever, is live on Amazon!!!!! It should also be on Barnes & Noble and AllRomance tomorrow.

What a whirlwind it’s been since the series made its debut on January 16th!. This book marks the halfway point in the series. I have twelve books planned and am currently at work on Book Seven, A Dangerous Road To Destiny.

It all began with a book started many years ago that was based on my own lifelong friendship with a group of girls from Southern Indiana. From there it has progressed into a dramatic romance series, dealing with topics ranging from death of a spouse, domestic abuse, and cancer to a variety of other topics. In each book, one of the grown children of the original Fab Five women encounters drama and heartache along the way on their road to romance. The original five women appear from time to time to lend a helping hand or with little subplots of their own. Each title contains the word “Road” to distinguish the series books from my other books and each one ends with a cliffhanger. The next book begins where the last one left off. They can be read as stand-alones, but I believe you’ll enjoy them much more if you start at the beginning and work your way through the series.

The books are in order of publication from LazyDay Publishing so far are: Crossroad To Love, The Road To Her Heart, The Road To His Soul, Love’s Winding Road, A Rocky Road To Romance, and The Road To Forever. My theme is Road To Romance, taken from the fact each of these couples travels a sometimes frightening, sometimes difficult road to romance.

Now here’s the blurb:

Another ‘Fab Five’ story and this time, Chelsea Barron’s sister faces the fight of her life.

 When pretty Cortney Wyatt was introduced to Jordan Jacobi’s friend, Dustin Young, at Chelsea’s wedding to Alex, she wanted him to be her Prince Charming, just as Alex is her sister’s. They began dating, but when Dustin stopped calling, she realized it might not be meant to be, so she did what any young girl would do, and started dating someone else.

 When Dustin calls to invite her to meet him for pizza and explains why he stopped calling, Cortney realizes, she’s in love with him, not Brandon, the guy she’s been dating.  She’s been pining for Dustin all along, while forming a close friendship with Brandon.

 When Brandon suggests she date both of them before making her decision, Dustin reluctantly agrees to the plan, vowing to make sure she chooses him. Cortney soon realizes Brandon is her best friend and Dustin is her Prince Charming.

 Dustin slips an engagement ring on Cortney’s finger. And then… Tragedy strikes when Cortney is diagnosed with cancer.

 Will the young couple survive? Or will Dustin decide it’s too much for him to handle?

Here’s an Excerpt:

“Let’s dance. I love this song.” She stood up and put a hand out to him.
Dusty took her hand. He pulled her close and kissed her before walking to the dance floor with her. As he pulled her into his arms, she snuggled against him. Catching a glimpse of Brandon and his date, she couldn’t help but notice how cozy they were together. It didn’t bother her, but made her wonder if he was keeping his promise about no fooling around. Giving her full attention back to her date, she smiled up at him.
“Are you having a good time?”
“Yes, I always have a good time when I’m with you,” she replied.
He pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “I’m falling for you, baby, hard and fast.”
She gazed up at him. “Oh, Dusty, I fell for you months ago.”
“Then why are we playing this silly game?”
“To tell you the truth, at this moment, I really don’t know.”
“Let’s get out of here,” he said.
“Okay,” she said as he led her off the dance floor and to the parking lot.
When they reached his car, he pulled her close for a kiss. “Cortney, do us both a favor and end this madness tomorrow when you see Brandon.”
She didn’t answer immediately. Finally, she said, “I’ll work on it. But it’s only been a week. Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve seen him since this all started.”
He threw his arms up in the air. “I don’t understand you.”
As she got into the car and buckled her seatbelt, she looked over at him. “You’re mad at me.”
“I’m very frustrated with you. You admit you have feelings for me, yet you won’t end it with him and commit to an exclusive relationship with me.”
“I have feelings for him, too, Dusty. Not the same as I feel for you, but I have to find out for myself what those feelings are, what it means. Maybe it’s all physical attraction between us. You have to admit, we’re pretty hot when we kiss.”
“Do you honestly think that’s all it is? Cortney, come on, you can’t be serious.”
“I guess that’s pretty crazy, but I’m so confused. When I’m with you, I’m almost certain you are who I’m meant to be with. But…”
“Were you jealous when he walked in with someone else?”
“It stunned me, but I don’t think what I was feeling was jealousy.”
“How would you have felt if it had been me with another girl?”
“Devastated,” she replied honestly.
“Don’t you see? Every answer you’re giving me shouts that you want me.”
“You think so?”
“I know so, but apparently you don’t. I think I need to cool it for a few days, let you miss me.”
“I’ve been missing you for months.”
“You don’t act like it. You’re so exasperating right now.”
“I’m going to lose you, aren’t I?”
“Not if I can help it, you’re not,” he replied in a low husky voice. “Come here, baby. I’m sorry, but you have no idea how this whole thing makes me feel.” He kissed her gently before starting the engine to drive her home.
He didn’t talk to her on the ride home. When he walked her to the door, he kissed her chastely on the lips and said goodbye.
“Call me?” she asked.
“I will, but not right away.”
“Okay, goodnight,” she said sadly as she turned to go inside.
He turned around and walked back to her. Pulling her into an embrace, he devoured her lips with his in a kiss so demanding, so possessive; it left no doubt in her mind that he wanted her. As he deepened the kiss, she leaned into him for support, since her legs had turned to jelly.
“God, baby, don’t do that,” he said as he ended the kiss. He turned and walked to his car, leaving Cortney standing on her front porch, shaking, as she watched him drive away into the night.
Never had Brandon kissed her like that, never had he told her he was falling for her, and never had her legs turned to jelly when he touched her. Then why couldn’t she let go? Was everyone right? Was Brandon her anchor, her security? What hold did he have on her?

Well, there you have it…peak your interest? Here is the buy link for Amazon:


Thanks for stopping by…my next post will be an interview with Emily A. Lawrence on the 30th!  Until then, keep reading…Love, Anna


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