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For a Hero Final copy (small version)

Welcome back to Anna’s World. Today I am welcoming Jess Hunter for a visit! Is it getting a little warm in here? Whew! Some of you know Jess, he is the younger brother of bestselling author, Sable Hunter. Well, Jess is writing now and let me tell you, this is one cute Cougar Bait you’re going to want to check out. I’ve asked him some questions, and he’s been kind enough to indulge me and give me some answers. He’s also going to treat us to a blurb from his new book, For A Hero, and he’s going to tell us a little bit about himself. Are you ready to get started? Better get your fan out, ladies. It may get a little steamy in here.

  1. 1. What inspired you to choose your genre (genres)?

Sable inspired me to write a romance novel. I’m not sure I would have otherwise. She has accomplished so much and become an integral character in the community. She showed me how this particular genre affects people and changes their lives. She receives several messages daily from people who claim that everything is different and better because of the stories she creates and shares with them. I have ideas in my head, stories that are just bursting to come out. I have horror, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy and adventure. But, because of Sable and the wonderful people she works with, I am currently working on another romance book.

  1. And we’re so glad to hear there’s another romance book in your future!  Now, tell me, we all have issues with balancing our time between writing, editing, promoting, along with other obligations and personal time. What works best for you?

Compartmentalization is the best for me. I like to tell everyone else what day I will be completely unavailable barring emergencies. I will then seal myself into a room and set my expectation for accomplishment very high and basically not come out of the room until I’ve reached it. It also helps to have a wonderful team working with you.

  1. That’s good advice for any author and is sort of what I do. And yes, you do have a wonderful team to work with. Tell us about your characters. What type of hero do you normally choose? What type of heroine?

My primary male characters are all parts of me, of course. Where else could I find a guy I knew well enough to analyze his traits and apply them to paper? But they are not just me. There are several, ancient, captivating archetypes for the hero that have been present since literature first began. David from “For A Hero” is the otherworldly visitor that falls in love and uses himself to better the world. It’s been done a hundred times. Superman,  Hercules, Sherlock Holmes and Captain Kirk are all the same character as far as story progression is concerned. In the sequel, Blaine is the abstaining sacrifice, who is essentially the same as Batman, James Bond, Theseus, and Clint Eastwood in any of his movies. They are all bigger than life and represent what every man COULD be.

My heroines are meant to be a special highlight of what makes every woman special. It is no secret that these books are targeted toward women so it makes sense that the showcase is how special and phenomenal every woman is. Every woman deserves a hero, so I do my best to show a perfectly imperfect woman in all her beauty.

  1. Wow! That’s awesome, Jess! Who are some of your favorite authors? Did they inspire you to write?


Robert Louis Stevenson is an inspiration for me. When his muse struck him, his brain would shut out the entire world and he would create a classic in a matter of days.

Ernest Hemingway did a marvelous job of capturing masculinity and struggle in his work. That is a theme I would like to tackle in the future.

F. Scott Fitzgerald always, obviously, used himself as the protagonist in his works. He discovered the secret to the art: you don’t need to look outside yourself to find inspiration. Some of the best books in the world were created by him.

One of my greatest goals is to create a character that will outlive me. Authors that accomplished this are: Ian Fleming, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker and Clive Cussler.

  1. What a wonderful goal to strive for.  Tell me what has been the most difficult aspect of your writing career?


The most difficult thing is growing and adapting in front of the world. The entire universe could look and see my first foray into the literary world. Of course they will find criticisms and imperfections. I can now use that piece as the starting point for my development into a much better writer, however, I will have to make that journey and all of my mistakes in front of the entire reading audience. With anything else, such as working out, martial arts, etc., I can be a beginner in privacy and nobody has to see my progress until I am adept, but as a writer, trying to make money from the art, the world will watch me stumble on the path.

6.    That’s for sure. Writing is a bit different from other careers in that respect.  Now for the good stuff all the ladies want to hear. Give us a little dirt about yourself. What’s your favorite guilty indulgence?


I don’t really feel a lot of remorse. Haha. That’s terrible to say. I still read comics, and am obsessed with superheroes. I don’t feel guilty about it, but before I explain how culturally, and literarily significant they are, some people may judge me about it. Some others may judge me anyway.

Oh, I know. I have an exhibitionist fantasy. Sneaking to be intimate in a public place in which I may get caught is very sexy to me. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

7.    We won’t tell…whew…did the temp just go up about a hundred degrees in here or what?  On that note, what’s it like to write hot stories with your sister, Sable? I’m not sure I could co-write with my brother…LOL. What made the two of you decide to write together?

It was weird when she started writing that kind of book, but we were always close, and I, reluctantly, got used to it. It’s no problem now. She is much better at writing intimacy than I am, so I submit to her expertise when writing a scene like that. In any other way, when we write together, it’s like rock’em sock’em robots. We just keep hitting each other until the book is done.

8. I think it’s great the way the two of you get along. I love the banter that goes on between the two of you on Facebook, as I’m sure others do too. And I love it when she tells you what to do…not that you always listen.  Now the part everyone’s been waiting for. Tell us about your newest project.


The sequel to “For A Hero” is in the works. It’s going to follow Blaine, David’s best friend. He is a very different kind of hero. The book will be darker, deeper, more detailed, and hopefully, more poignant. The story will continue where the first left off, and I will answer a lot of questions about Blaine, a character that was shrouded in mystery in the first book.

Sounds great. Now here are some links for all of you to follow for Jess.

Facebook page –

Heroes are not born, they are made – they are made by defeating enemies, by overcoming impossible challenges and by walking through fire. David is such a hero. He has devoted his life to saving the hopeless, yet he can’t accept the fact that he is worthy to be loved.

David lost his family and he blames himself, so he fights Fire to repay a debt he never really owed. Day after day he does his job and goes home alone to face a future of solitude and regret – until Jenna comes into his life. 
Jenna sees a hero when she looks at David. She sees a man who is bigger than life and deserves to be loved. So, Jenna sets out to prove to him that he is perfect just the way he is. And starts by buying a date with him – to the tune of $15000. 
Before David knows it, his life is full of excitement, passion and more love than he can handle. But will he be able to keep it or will the demons from his past snatch happiness from his grasp?

** Warning: Contains Explicit Scenes and Content, Intended for 18+ Audience

Bio –
Jess Hunter is a New Orleans native who grew up in Austin, Texas. He attended the University of Texas with a major in Business and Communications. Jess loves to ride motorcycles, play video games and philosophize about the meaning of life. He is the brother and co-author of Sable Hunter and enjoys good food, beautiful women and sleeping-in on weekends. Jess will continue to write – not only romance, but horror, suspense and fantasy.

Delve into the enigma that is Jess Hunter as he captures the purity and innocence of the hero dynamic and intertwines it with romance and love that will take your breath away.


 Well, there you have it, ladies. This is Jess! Whew…isn’t he just the best? Be sure and check out his new release, For A Hero, and watch for the sequel.
Next week, Jess’s big sis, Sable, will join us. I’ve put her in the hot seat too, so she’ll be answering questions as well as telling us about what’s new in her world.
Until then, keep reading, stay safe, and have a great week. Let’s make a date to meet back here next week.
Love, Anna

4 thoughts on “Meet Jess Hunter…Author of For A Hero

  1. Loved this interview, well done Jess. I have read For a Hero, a brilliant, well written story.

  2. A full face photo! Thanks for that. Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt are a favorite series of mine, an interest passed on to me by my father. Heroes are important to all of us. The definition changes as we age. Now my heroes are good husbands, fathers and caretakers and I pray that my sons will be heroes,too.

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