And The Craziness Continues…

Crossroad Cover 3D
The-Road-to-Her-Heart---3D bigger

Welcome back to another glimpse into Anna’s world. It’s been a crazy week, that’s for sure…

Last weekend, we offered Crossroad to Love as a free download for a few days and the response was great! The book, the first in my Fab Five series from LazyDay Publishing, is followed by The Road To Her Heart, which was released on March 20. The third book in the series, The Road To His Soul, will be available on May 22. There are several more books planned for the series before it ends…so stay tuned.

During the month of May, I’ll be talking more about The Road To His Soul, and giving you some teasers along the way, as well as interviewing Kurt Liebetrau, who is the marketing manager for country singer, John Adam Murph. Kurt’s going to give us all some pointers on marketing. He’s helped me along this journey of mine.

John Adam Murph, a friend, and up and coming new country artist, graciously allowed me to use his name and one of his songs, Don’t Forget Me, in The Road To His Soul. I’ll be featuring him on this blog in May, as well.

Kurt and I are planning a big Facebook release event for the book…so keep your ears open…there have been rumblings about some giveaways…

And if that isn’t exciting enough, Rebel Ink Press released Sunny’s Love on April 3rd. This is one of my books that isn’t part of the series. I talked about it last week…if you haven’t picked up your copy yet, go grab it now…it’s already getting some good reviews!! It’s also one of the featured books in the All Romance newsletter this week!

Speaking of Sunny’s Love, I had an interesting discussion with an author friend of mine tonight. She writes about domestic discipline, and normally only reads paranormal or DD books. She’s reading Sunny’s Love right now and is loving it. We discussed how it’s a refreshing change sometimes to go out of your normal genre when choosing a book to read. In the past, I’ve had Sci-Fi fans who never read romance tell me they’ve read my books and loved them, as well as guys who normally wouldn’t be caught dead reading a romance novel, tell me they’re hooked on my books. So there must be something to be said for going out of your usual genre once in awhile. I normally only read romance or erotic romance. But I’ve been known, on occasion, to read another genre and have been pleasantly surprised when I liked the book. Food for thought the next time you’re choosing a book to read.

I got the cover for The Road To His Soul this week and I love it…it is sooooooo Colt and Kendyl, the couple in the book.

TheRoadToHisSoul-AnnaKristell-3D bigger

So you see, it really has been a crazy week…add the day job, out of town guests, and hubby starting on new meds to the mix, and you’ll understand why I’ve taken a break from writing this weekend, a rare occasion for me. But never fear, I’ll be back at it this week, working on something for Rebel, and also on Book #6 for the series for LazyDay. Never a dull moment in Anna’s life, that’s for sure! With nine contracts signed, I’m not ready to stop anytime soon…oh yeah, heard that edits are headed my way again any day now…

Stop back by next week…you never know who will be here…

Love, Anna 🙂

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