Interview with Rebel Author, C.T. Nicholson

CT NicholsonWelcome back to Anna’s World. Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of my fellow Rebel authors, C.T. Nicholson. C.T.’s new vampire romance, Aiden’s Betrayal, was released on February 3rd. I’ve asked C.T. some questions about her writing, so let’s see what she has to say.

What inspired you to choose your genre (genres)?

Up until recently, I read only paranormal or sci-fi romance. So, I write what I know and what interest me. It helps that these genres are popular right now.

We all have issues with balancing our time between writing, editing, promoting, along with other obligations and personal time. What works best for you?

Nothing easy! I have a full time job with two boys, one’s almost 2 and the other 6. I usually take my kids to school and daycare and go to work early, where I work in my car on my writing/editing. Sometimes I’m there an hour to two hours early. I get more done that way. I usually end up staying up late too. I also set a writing goal that I want to reach each day and try to stick with it.

Tell us about your characters. What type of hero do you normally choose? What type of heroine?

My men are always tall, muscular, sexy as sin, and dominant. My females are beautiful, strong women who bring those dominant men to their knees.

Who are some of your favorite authors? Did they inspire you to write?

This is hard because there are many. I’ll name the ones I never miss books for. JR Ward, Lyndsay Sands, Christine Feehan, and Laurann Dohner. I think all the books I’ve read have inspired me to write.

What has been the most difficult aspect of your writing career?

Finishing a novel and trying to get over the fact that some people will not agree with my type of writing.

Give us a little dirt about yourself. What’s your favorite guilty indulgence? When I’m bored and there’s a bag of twizzlers around, it doesn’t last long. Same with brownies, or during Christmas, those Christmas tree cakes are addicting. I kept buying them and eventually my husband hid them so he could eat some.

Tell us about your newest book.


Aiden is a vampire, a Guardian for the Society, who spends his nights hunting down vampires who’ve turned rogue. He meets Elle, a human, the first woman to get his attention after losing his mate.
Elle’s a simple human who runs a bed and breakfast and ends up being dragged to a club with her friend. When she meets Aiden, he draws her to him like no other man ever has, but everything changes when she realizes he’s a vampire. Just like the one who killed her family and nearly killed her.

As fate intervenes, Aiden ends up bringing Elle into his world to protect her from a rogue who hunts them and both woman and vampire must adjust. Aiden has to get over his fear of losing another mate and Elle has get over her fear of vampires.

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Thanks so much for joining me today, C.T. I’ve enjoyed talking with you!

Until next time….


Anna 🙂

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