Anna Has Survived Another Release Day!!

Anna KristellHello and welcome back to Anna’s crazy world of writing. It’s been an exciting weekend, as my first romance with Rebel Ink Press was released today. I was just about recovered from the release of my Lazy Day Publishing romance, Crossroad to Love, from two weeks ago…

Needless to say, I’m learning a lot, asking a lot of questions, and having a lot of fun. Thanks to Sara Barnard, Tricia Drammeh, and Kate Roth for featuring Unlikely Lovers on your blogs. I’ll be on a few other blogs soon. And if any of you other authors out there would like a spot on this blog to promo a book or two, just let me know. Gotta get my feet wet sooner or later and start hosting…

I’ve already gotten some feedback from Unlikely Lovers…and it was good!!! That’s always a great feeling to know that something you’ve written is enjoyed by others.

There was a very nice write-up about me and my books in the local newspaper Friday evening and I was interviewed by my hometown newspaper a few days ago, so that article should be out soon.

Did you all see the post I did earlier in the week featuring all the Rebel releases for today? So proud of all of them and so happy to be a part of the Rebel family.

My next release will be in March, the second in the series from Lazy Day. The Road to Her Heart follows Crossroad to Love, so will be telling you a little more about it in the coming weeks.

This gal’s got lots to do yet tonight so going to sign off for now. Thanks to all who’ve been buying my books. I have a new page for all my buy links added to this blog now. Oh, by the way, how do you all like the new design? Leave some comments!!!!

Until next time…Rebel Ink Press



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