Anna’s Wonderful World :)

I’m back for with another week’s worth of happenings in Anna’s world. So glad you could join me! This has been a phenomenal week for me. In just a few days, on the 16th, I’ll celebrate my first release. The long-awaited, Crossroad to Love, will finally be released by Lazy Day Publishing. I’ve been asked to interview on some more blogs and also by my local newspaper. Almost makes me feel kinda special…LOL.

I posted on Facebook to a hometown group about my upcoming releases and was amazed at the positive and supportive comments I received from people I hadn’t heard from in years! So good to reconnect with them.

The friends who inspired this story are kidnapping me on Friday night. We’re going to have an all-night read-a-thon slumber party. Wow! Wonder what they’ll say when they read the parts I put in the book that really did happen to us…should make for some girlish giggling.

I hope to open this blog in the not-so-distant future to fellow authors. I’d love to host some of you! I’ve been working on a set of interview questions. You see, slowly but surely, I’m getting the hang of this author thing…

I’ve had quite a few hits on my website lately. If you haven’t yet, go check it out and please sign my guestbook while you’re there. You’ll be able to read some teasers about all my books there and see what’s up next.

Some of my characters from Crossroad to Love have been stopping by my Release date event over on FB with comments. Might be fun to stop by and read them. They were all wound up earlier. Join the event while you’re there, if you’d like. Release Date for Crossroad to Love.

What’s up in your world this week? I’ll be at the day job Monday and Tuesday but I’m taking Wednesday off. It’s not every day a girl has her first book release! 🙂 Look for me on FB and Twitter. I’ll be there all day, talking about Katy and Ryan and all their friends.

Oh, yeah, the best thing to happen all week…I’ve signed a contract with Lazy Day Publishing for the fourth book in the series. Love’s Winding Road will be released in July and follows Crossroad to Love  on January 16th, The Road to Her Heart in March, and The Road to His Soul in May!

And don’t forget, Rebel Ink Press will be releasing Unlikely Lovers on February 3rd and it’s not a part of the series. It’s a romance all of its own.

Until next time…Love, Anna

Crossroad Cover 3D

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