My Crazy New World…Loving It

Well, things are crazy as ever in Anna’s world these days. Lazy Day Publishing will be releasing Crossroad to Love in January and the second in the series in March, The Road to Her Heart. I’m currently working on the third one…The Road to His Soul. Rebel Ink Press will release Unlikely Lovers in February and Sunny’s Love in April so it’s going to be a busy time for me.

Many people have asked me how long it took for me to get that awesome first email that contained a contract for one of my books. Believe me, it’s an email that will change your life forever! The day I got my first one, I was at work. Everyone in the business office at the counseling center I do billing for heard my gasp and came running to see what was going on.

Now for the answer to the much asked question. I began writing my first book, Crossroad to Love about twelve years ago. But life sort of got in the way and I put it aside. Then about five years ago, I was sitting at home for the first time in many years without a job and bored out of my mind. My husband suggested that I finish the book to fill the time until I went back to work. So I dug it back out and started over. I took the first few chapters to my neighbor and asked her to read them and tell me what she thought. She did and told me to finish it. So I did. Then I wrote another one, and then another. I was accepted by an agent for Crossroad to Love and then I started a new job and went back to the forty hour a week gig. The agent thing didn’t pan out and I sent the manuscript to a few pubs myself. One was kind enough to tell me what changes I needed to make. I got four chapters into the changes and life hit me with a big one. My husband was diagnosed with the big “C”. So the books and the idea of getting published were put on the back burner again. Several times over the next few years people would ask whatever happened with my books. My husband said many times that he wanted to continue with my dream. Then I fell and broke my right arm and, of course, I’m right handed. So two surgeries and one year later, I was finally able to use the arm again. Once again, the hubs asked when I was going to get busy and start submitting the book. Finally I pulled out one ms, reworked it and sent it in. Then another and then another. The contract for Unlikely Lovers arrived from Rebel Ink Press three days after I’d submitted it and the contract for Crossroad to Love came one week later from Lazy Day Publishing. Needless to say, I was in seventh heaven. I sent Sunny’s Love in to Rebel Ink Press and lo and behold, another contract arrived in my email. By this time I was so stoked that I worked on The Road to Her Heart, as I’d always planned for Crossroad to Love to have several sequels. Two days after submitting it to Staci at Lazy Day, a contract arrived for it, as well.

I continue to write, am learning about marketing and am looking forward to staying on this crazy roller coaster. I hope you’ll all read my books when they are released and post reviews for me. Until next time, have a great week, everyone.


3 thoughts on “My Crazy New World…Loving It

  1. Congratulations, Anna! How wonderful for everything to come together and to receive so many contracts at once. I didn’t know that you could get a contract for a sequel before the first book even got published. How great! Best of luck to you.

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